High School Teacher Gives A Valuable Lesson To HIs Students....

Mar 27, 2023
There was a teacher in California. He was teaching his students about WW II Germany and his students couldn't understand how the German people could be programmed to turn on a certain segment of the population like they did. This teacher decided that his students needed to learn about the propaganda and mind control used against the German people, in order to program them with hatred and in order to have them act  out that irrational/illogical behavior.
See it had nothing to do with the hearts of the German people. What happened had to do with the German people being human and it had to do with the fact that all humans can be programmed robotically using certain psychological manipulation tactics. This teacher took it upon himself to use the same propaganda and behavior modification techniques against his own students, in order to insert hatred and collectivism into their behavior pathways.
The end result was something to see, bordering on dangerous, as any human can indeed be tricked into anything, using the right psychological manipulation techniques. It was these exact tactics that were once again used against the public for many decades leading up to 2020. Those same tactics were accelerated into the public domain even more heavily from 2020 onward. These tactics are still being used against the public today and not just a little bit. Basically the public is now drowning in mind control, brainwashing, propaganda and behavior modification tactics that are designed to trick them into destroying themselves, their own children, their economy and their own communities. Education on these topics are key, if our culture is going to save itself.
Right here.....see what happened to the students in a TV special, which recreated the real-life events at the school. https://bit.ly/3z7UulW


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