The Hidden Secret of The Great Reset

Sep 15, 2022
The purpose of the great reset is one thing but how they're trying to accomplish it is quite another. The great reset is basically a plan you would never ever agree with. No one would ever agree with having all their property and savings taken from them by the institutions that currently hold their title but that's the foundation of the great reset. The fact that no one would ever agree to this great reset makes it very easy to cast aside  in the mind of the average person. The average person believes "they could never pull that off, so there's nothing to really worry about. If they ever tried such a thing everyone would rebel and they would fail". A logical response to such a criminal act but there's something the average person doesn't know. Such logical declarations are both true and untrue, all at the same time, because although they could never pull it off in a logical world......the great reset group has an ace up their sleeve, in regards to them knowing that it's completely doable. They know something that the average person doesn't know and they've been researching "that something" for thousands of years. What they know is what Noah Harari states openly all the time........that "humans are hackable animals" and that humans don't have free will under certain conditions.
The hacking of the human mind is big business. Making people believe lies as truth is big business. Controlling what people think, say and do is big business.........and these business ventures have been fine tuned over thousands of years, The key is the human mind and the targeting of its most basic defensive functions. There are two basic defensive centers or sentinels in the human nervous system. We have two bodyguards that ride with us 24 hours per day, defending us from threat. That in itself is amazing. These two bodyguards are experts in two completely different defensive marital arts....if you will. The primary bodyguard (bodyguard #1) is our conscious mind. It stands guard proudly as our first line of defense. The conscious mind (bodyguard #1) uses two primary functions to keep us safe. The two primary functions of bodyguard #1 are 1) the eyes (to scan the environment for threats) and 2) the mind (where the threats are processed and appropriate RE-actions are formulated). The eyes find the threats and the mind counters the threats with logical responses. A great logical and rational defense system that everyone can understand. But there's a big problem with this defense system that the great reset group is going to take advantage of and has been taking advantage of for a very long time.
The big problem with bodyguard #1 has to do with what happens when the mind is damaged or inhibited by toxic chemicals or fear. When this happens and it happens purposely 24 hours per day (courtesy of our dark social engineers at the great reset group)......bodyguard #2 is activated. Bodyguard #2 has a completely different way of defending us from threat. Bodyguard #2 is activated when it's obvious that the threat has got by bodyguard #1 because the mind or brain weren't sharp enough to pick up the threat. It's pretty obvious when bodyguard #1 has failed its charge because the threat is now only inches away from us......right in our faces. In this case, there's only one logical response, which bodyguard #2 is an expert in.......and that's compliance, reflexive obedience, people pleasing, doing exactly what it's told and going along to get along. In the end, if you're running the great reset (the literal theft of everything everyone owns, down to the pennies in the couch), your goals are simple. You need to retard brain function world wide, in order to shut down bodyguard #1, thus automatically triggering bodyguard #2.....the part of the mind that will go along with absolutely anything its told to go along with. This effect is pretty obvious in MINIMUM 30% of the population today. They'll do anything they're told because bodyguard #1 has been off duty for a very long time.
Let's see how long this mind attack has been going on, just as an example. Many more examples will be discussed in my new documentary PLANET MIND CONTROL due out in 2023. The basics of compliance based mind control are simple. You need to destroy brain function, to take out bodyguard #1. After that, the compliance reaction is all the nervous system has left, which is bodyguard #2. At that point, humans will do anything they're told in great numbers. Here's a good example. The brain is made of saturated fat. 70% of your brain is saturated fat. Your brain is bodyguard #1. Damaging and destroying bodyguard #1 is literally the sole goal of the great reset group so they can trigger bodyguard #2......the part of the nervous system where humans will gladly eat bugs, give away all their property and believe anything they're told, especially if they're drowned in enough fear and brain damaging chemicals before they're asked to do it. This is why there was a massive "low fat/no fat/anti cholesterol medication" mind control push about 40 years ago......because the aim of the great reset group was always world wide destruction of bodyguard #1. Bodyguard #1 is the brain. The brain is made from saturated fat and cholesterol.....literally.....that's almost all of what the brain is made from. That's only one example but there are hundreds of others. This open conspiracy to retard brain function of the human animal and therefore destroy bodyguard #1 (thus triggering heavily compliant bodyguard #2) is the ace up the sleeve of the great reset group. This group believes that they have the world brain damaged enough so that most people obey the insane commands that rocket out of their TV screens, without question or resistance. Oh yes, this is also why they're trying to make sure you can't get meat with saturated fat in it as well because without saturated fats....bodyguard #1 shrivels up and doesn't work properly. Same thing. Just FYI. Same agenda all the time. Everything they do is executed to target the destruction of bodyguard #1.
Just thought you would like to know. Hang in there and start doing everything you can to protect your brain function. (bodyguard #1). Please remember that all poisons, injected and ingested, destroy bodyguard #1 directly. Have a great day and congratulations on your amazing awakening. You're doing fantastic.
Written by Jason Christoff Sept 15 2022


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