Here's How the Media and Government Brainwash You In Plain Sight

Dec 30, 2021
Why do people drink toxic coffee, poisonous alcohol, eat dis-empowering junk food, work jobs that make them overweight and depressed, voluntarily rot in front of a TV screen (as their best years go by) and generally openly submit to their worst one way or another? This video has your answers. Please notice 4 things about this America's Got Talent clip, with Howie Mandel.
1. The guy hacking Howie Mandel's mind (and the mind's of the audience members) knows something about human behavior that they don't.
2. Howie Mandel thinks he thinking and he really believes he's generating his own ideas out of his own brain...…..but he's not. Howie's ideas are not his own. Howie's ideas were placed into him by the hacker.
3. The average person believes that their movies, TV shows, radio stations and print media trash fire options are there to inform or entertain them. They're not. It's the opposite. Conventional media is there to program your behavior, misinform and entrain the exact same way Howie Mandel was hacked. It's that simple and people generally have no idea that their conventional screens, radios and print media options are military weapons designed to hack and program human behavior IN VERY NEGATIVE WAYS. People aren't sick, overweight, stunned and broke by accident. That's all programmed into the public through our inverted media and government sources.
4. When you don't know how human behavior is inserted into you from the outside, through your subconscious mind pathway....your life just gets more shitty every day. When you don't know any of this stuff, you're going to be a sucker for movies, TV shows, TV commercials, government announcements and print media releases that make you drink toxic coffee, guzzle poisonous alcohol, work jobs that make you depressed, eat junk food that makes you overweight and generally you're just going to get mind controlled into living a really shitty life...…..and believing that it's fate. It's not fate. You're being programmed.
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