Going Along With The Herd and Hurting Your Child

Dec 30, 2021
Many parents think they're true warrior protection advocates for their children. Many parents believe that the love for their children runs as deep as any love in the Universe. So how do you explain circumcision then? How do you explain masking, when experts have proven just sitting down with a mask decreases life providing oxygen and increases disease causing carbon dioxide? How do you explain feeding a child food not fit for a maggot to consume and calling it a treat or reward? How do you explain day care, fighting in front of child or giving a child a cell phone that emits electromagnetic radiation proven to increase cancer growth and spread?
The truth is simple. Human behavior is not based on logic, rational thought or deep altruism. Human behavior is well documented and well researched. Most humans do what they're doing simply because other people are doing it. Humans copy, mimic, emulate and mirror the behavior of other people, regardless if that behavior is satanic or if it's moral. That's why you can have delusional parents destroying their kids and believing that they're walking the high moral ground...…because they don't understand that most humans just want to be liked, accepted and embraced by the majority. If the majority is satanic, most people will go along with that, in order to be accepted in the satanic herd. If the majority is moral and ethical, the same principles apply.
Unfortunately today we're drowning in satanic behaviors, polices and belief systems. I know life long church goers who still can't tell evil if it run up and slapped them in the face. Just look at a kid's meal at any restaurant. We reserve the most unhealthy food for our children and then when our children are sick or mentally imbalanced, we rush the same child to the conventional medical system to add in bonified poisons, that would kill any human if the entire bottle of medicine was consumed. How can 1 pill per day help someone but the entire bottle eliminates someone? Does that make any sense? Of course it doesn't...….and that's the point. Making sense doesn't matter to the part of the brain that seeks safety in the herd. In the end, start thinking again and start protecting the children with an intelligence that goes beyond just doing what everyone else is doing.



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