Glossary of New Terms and Definitions

Feb 16, 2022
1. Misinformation - removal of free speech and the ability to make up your own mind (thought control) reframed as altruism and societal protection.
2. Emergency Measures - removal of basic human rights, based on fictitious scenarios manufactured purposely by manipulated statistics, conditioning the public to believe that giving up their human rights is a fair trade for feeling safe, when the feelings of being unsafe were based on nothing but pure Hollywood stage productions on the TV screens....AKA propaganda.
3. Government Health Experts - the re-installation of taxation without representation, which means the fruits of your labor are removed and you don't have any say on how that money is allocated. Unelected persons (health experts who can't make anyone healthy and who only kill, cripple and maim) now rule the most important aspects of your life, and you have no recourse...aka slavery. The fact that your money is now being allocated to destroy you and your family, simply adds another disturbing layer to this inversion and clever psychological sleight of mind.
4. Modern Prescription Medicine - a non-natural/scientific compound that has no ability to improve health, while only causing short term/long term illness....and/or death. In your new "medicine induced" dis-empowered and dysfunctional state, you're simply easier to rule, control, manipulate, steal from, govern and lie to.
5. Non-essential Business - the removal of your right to provide for yourself and your family, outside the control of cabal run companies and corrupted government institutions, who intend to keep cashing their cheques, in exchange for forcing poisoning protocols on their work forces. The pensions have been looted by the people masquerading as your altruistic governments, so anyone set to receive these nonexistent pensions, are between the euthanasia based crosshairs for what should be obvious reasons. 
6. Critical Race Theory - the installation of psychic damaging guilt and shame, into the majority of the population, while teaching a dis-empowering philosophy of victim-hood to the minority, therefore guaranteeing both groups are dis-empowered and damaged for life, leaving them easier to rule, govern, steal from, manipulate and lie to. Teaching white students to hate themselves and play small. Teaching minorities in white dominated cultures that they can't achieve in life because of white people, while the white people in power destroy everyone under their rule, regardless of skin color.
7. Hate Speech - anything the corrupt governments and corporations don't want you to hear is hate speech because they hate when you find out the truth about how much they hate the general public. They also hate to think of what you may do to them when you finally find out what they're doing and have always been doing for hundreds (if not thousands) of years on this the general public.
8. Foreign Aid - pay outs for friends and family of the ruling 1%, who live outside the country that's giving the foreign aid. Often the corrupt government officials organizing the foreign aid have untraceable bank accounts in other countries, that get stuffed with the foreign aid booty. These criminals in other countries are sent large sums of money for executing their scripts to enslave the public worldwide. If you enslave/poison/genocide the public as a trusted official in our society, your cheque is in the mail. It's not just government officials getting paid to kill, murder, maim and dominate. For example, the average medical doctor in the US made an additional $224,000 in 2021.......can you guess for what? Pack em and stack em via the medical injectable euthanasia. There's big money in murdering the public, in order that government financial obligations can go unfulfilled....and business is booming. 
9. TV and Movie Screens - documented brainwashing military weapons, proven to modify the thoughts, behaviors and language patterns of anyone who stares into the soft hypnotic glow of these covert screen based military weapons. Your TV shows and movies were never produced to entertain you, they were always intended to entrain and control you.
10. Prime Ministers or Presidents In All Former Commonwealth Nations - paid actors, compensated with a King's ransom to give the false impressions of freedom before the attack began on an indoctrinated and unsuspecting public....please see video below to prove just who these actors work for. They work for one person and one person only...and it's not you.

11.  Pro Hammas Rallies - anti Israel murder rallies. People who don't like genocide, marching in the streets to bring attention to the genocide war crimes committed under the guise of the Israeli flag. Pro Zionist forces in media will always re-label anything that highlights Israeli war crimes as Pro Hamas. 

12. Anti Vaxxers - someone who knows that injecting poison into themselves won't make their lives or health better, even though doing so will instantly be celebrated by people too brain damaged or afraid to consider the long-term consequences of their actions. Someone who is somewhat immune to group pressure and would rather stand alone, than stand with the crowd, especially when the crowd is getting mind controlled to volunteer for their own euthanasia. 

13. Far Right Extremist, Homophobe, Anti Vaxxer, Science Denier, Misogynist, Islamaphobe, Trump/Maga Supporter - words invented to shut down logical, rational and civil debate. These phrases were invented by people who know that they could never win a logical, civil and rational debate.....especially in regards to destroying the economy with business shutdowns, the looting of the state treasury, injecting poison into the public under the guise of safe and effective medical care, sending billions of foreign aid offshore as your own citizens starve to death. government schools teaching kids to hate themselves or cut off their own penises and/or breasts etc etc. When you're doing evil things, you need to shut down debate in order to keep that evil away from any logical or rational analysis. 

14. Insurrection - the police in the US State Capitol inviting people into the capitol building, in order to propagandize the invitation and police escorted tour of the capitol... as an invasion. 

15. Vaccination - an injection of poison, often voluntary, specifically targeting the slave class, proven to cause disease, death and brain damage. A dead man's property is easily recovered by the criminals who organized said vaccinations in the first place, especially if the vaccine murdered citizens don't have any heirs or willed benefactors remaining......because they also volunteered for their own vaccine euthanasia. A diseased, depressed, disempowered, disoriented and dysfunctional populace is easier to rule, govern, control, lie to, manipulate and steal from. Vaccinations are covert criminal instruments used for 300 years to execute state theft of public assets, as dead or injured citizens are easier to steal from and can't defend their assets from theft, organized by criminal forces hiding in government.

 16. Mainstream Media (MSM) - the advertising wing for a crime syndicate, which masquerades as government. Paid liars who are complicit in a mass voluntary mind control-based genocide, initiated by the public against themselves, due to the propaganda, lies, brainwashing, behavior modification and mind control coming out of said mainstream media.  

17 Safety - a hypnosis-based trigger word that can activate the average human to start stampeding in the direction of said safety, which is usually off a cliff.......especially if the safety-based trigger word was used by government or mainstream media within their weaponized propaganda. Examples.......the vaccine is SAFE and effective, Canada is organizing a SAFE supply of narcotics for addicted persons in Canada, SAFE injection houses are now available for the drug addicts using the SAFE supply, we must keep the transgender kids SAFE in our government schools by removing all human rights of the majority and making sure men get into ladies washrooms, sports and all other areas of female culture, you must wear a mask and close your business, as big corporations stay open, to keep you SAFE, you must give away all your rights and live inside a 15 minute electronic concentration camp to keep the earth SAFE from you dangerous humans, you must be our slaves and we must be in charge of your entire life to keep you SAFE, the online SAFETY bill will keep everyone SAFE by making sure no one can ever expose that the word SAFE is just a trigger word that's being weaponized to kill you and to kill your loved ones, in order that criminals in government steal your assets. You and your kids being dead is SAFER for the people organizing this theft or you may kill these criminals, which isn't really SAFE for them. 

18. Migration - invasion, a way to collapse the strength of Anglo monocultures worldwide, who are the exact cultures historically adverse to tyranny and also the exact cultures expecting full spectrum freedoms as their God given right, If you can break the cohesion of Anglo monocultures in the EU, the UK, Australia and in North America, you can dilute the spiritual force that demands freedom from tyrannical control worldwide. The ancient groups who are organizing the migration invasion into Anglo monocultures are also the same forces that used the Anglo monoculture tax base to destroy much of the 3rd world, which initiated the migration invasion in the first place. The public coffers worldwide are being looted to support the migration invasion and radical sleeper cell sects of Islam and other very angry invaders are being told to lay low inside Anglo dominated countries until their financial supporters in corrupt government give them the word to destroy the white Anglo strongholds from within and burn our advanced civilization to the ground. Real estate Ponzi schemes are also being set up based on the preplanned migration invasion, in order to make certain evil government staffers rich, as they organize the destruction of our once great nations from within.

19. Long COVID - somewhat permanent vaccine damage. You're not quite dead, as the plan intended, but you are severely injured because you volunteered for the eugenic based poisoning disguised as a vaccine. When you re-enter the same medical system that severely injured you with a genocidal medical application, and you're crazy enough to trust that system again and trust the paid liars who lied to you in the first place, they will lie to you again and say that your poisoning from a genocidal injection is long covid. At this point, anyone playing this game of willful ignorance and intellectual dishonesty with themselves, deserves exactly what awaits them. 

20. Booster - if you somehow survived the first doses of poison, labelled as vaccines, you will definitely need a booster until the state sponsored euthanasia is complete. Although vaccines were originally claimed to provide lifelong immunity after 1 injection (which was also a fraudulent claim on all levels), don't let the endless requests for yearly boosters raise any red flags. Also, please ignore that the ingredients of each booster are exactly the same as each vaccine, regardless of the word used to describe this injection of poison. In regards to the "variants" the new booster claims to address, please also ignore the fact that the ingredients of each shot have never changed from day one and therefore the claim of the booster targeting certain variants is simply the propaganda needed to have the sheep wait for their ride to the abattoir once again. 


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