Gay Community Tricked To Hurt Themselves?

May 24, 2024

For all the emotionally triggered people out there, I'm not anti-gay. I've openly defended the gay community from attack in this podcast. I was also interviewed by a member of the gay community regarding that podcast and of course I have gay friends..........which means nothing, other than they can tell you that I'm not homophobic. I just don't like people getting tricked into killing or injuring themselves. That's what this entire website is really all about. It's optimal to not get mind controlled and tricked into doing something that ends your life or ends the lives of your loved ones prematurely.....or injures you or them etc.

Yes, we all die. Saying that, it's best not to get tricked by an ancient ruling group to euthanize yourself, by your own hand, well before your time. That's a big no no in my book and I dedicate my entire life to this goal of trying to help everyone lead long and healthy lives, regardless of any other factor. If you're gay and getting put under death centric mind control, I'm right there fighting for you because you're human and I don't want to see you die a painful or premature death. Simple stuff.

In the video below we observe a gay man's choir in early 2021, who are obviously under some very deep forms of mind control (and we'll get to that in a minute) doing what many other groups were doing at the time........cheerleading on the injection of poison. 100 million people in Canada and the US knew that the COVID injection wasn't healthy or wise to engage in. That's why 100 million people between the two countries didn't inject it. Many of that 100 million tried to warn others in one way or another......only to be called crazy conspiracy theorists by the people running as fast as they could to inject poison into themselves and their children. 

You can also see in the video below that the choir is also standing six feet apart, which was admitted to later, to be completely without scientific validation. You didn't need a PhD in medicine to understand this at the time. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You also hear the song claim that the COVID injection "gets rid of COVID", which again wasn't true because the injection was admitted in 2022-23 NOT to prevent infection or contagious spread. The injection also never qualified as a vaccine and in the end, COVID as a virus (SARS-COV-2) wasn't even proven to exist. As odd as this sounds, it was all fake, all one massive psy-op to get people to inject what was in the needle........which is now only being mildly understood, researched and discovered.

What's going on here in this video are people flocking toward a safe form of behavior, based solely on group pressure, which was purposely manufactured by government and media. An imaginary threat was tabled and then behaviors were advertised, in order to deal with the imaginary threat....which never existed. These are called psychological operations within 5th generation warfare models and are now part of an ongoing perception war on the public. The COVID injection was purposely designed to kill and cripple, which is a big sweeping claim, yet that claim can be fully validated via the citations within the article at this added link. So yes, we see the gay community here super excited to take themselves out, in one way or another and they weren't the only ones who were excited to inject poison into themselves. Heart attacks, strokes, permanent injury and mass auto immune disease after the shot were as common as 1 in 20 or even 1 in 5. Death was as common as 1 in 100. That's the power of mind control. I stand against mind control being used to make people volunteer for their worst lives, full stop.

Now, this isn't the first time the gay community has been tricked to cheerlead their own demise. Although the entire world was doing the same as the gay community was tricked into doing during the fake COVID pandemic, the HIV/AIDS issue not only followed the same play book, it targeted the gay community directly........which can be read about in this article. There are also social factors that make the gay community more prone to such mind control, not less.

As for what it takes to trick people like this en masse, to cheerlead their own destruction, the answer is always the same............mind control. At this added link I explain how mind control operates in a longer format. At the front page of my website, are also shorter talks I've given at the US senate, at The EU Parliament and at The Romanian Palace of The Parliament regarding the mind control tactics being weaponized against the public during the COVID psy-op. In the end, I don't like seeing people mind controlled to destroy themselves and their own community. I consider mind controlled driven euthanasia the highest form of evil and psychological manipulation, which our ruling group is famous for throughout history.

Learning about mind control can obviously help you recognize it when it's happening......and that can save your life. I teach people not only how to recognize mind control but I also teach people how to use this new knowledge in order to reprogram themselves to be their very best. I teach a basic 5 Pillars of Strength System, so each person is strong enough to blaze a fast-paced trail up success mountain, in every facet of their lives. I teach one program for adults and one for youth, ages 13-22. These programs start June 4th for youth and June 6th for adults. The classes are already half full, so it's important to get in while you can. If you have any questions please email me and my team at [email protected]. Thank you for reading this article. At least turn off the TV. The media isn't your friend. The media exists to keep you running east looking for a sunset. 


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