The Free Market Or The Free-Masonic Market?

Sep 10, 2022

When I was in school at McGill University, I took a full year economic course. The professor was said to hold high rank in the economic community within North America. What I found out later about this professor was the same thing I found out about all my professors. It doesn't matter if we're talking about my professors at McGill University or other professors at any other University or College, they're promoted and remunerated in a way that traps their intellect inside a very limited field of play.

My economic professor talked about the free market, with no mention of the government interfering with that market.....which means he shouldn't be teaching young minds anything, simply because government interference with the economic activity of the population, corporations or the market in general means that the market isn't free whatsoever. This professor also never mentioned that there are forces above government, who tell governments what to support and what to punish financially. Governments are actually nowhere near the top of the energy system on this planet and they don't represent the will of the people, other than pretending to do so via a massive propaganda campaign that involves billions in illusion based investments to this effect. Our belief in government is based on Hollywood production, not real boots on the ground reality. This is why I say the markets are more "free-masonic" than "free".... because the forces above all governments are ancient secret societies. These secrets societies of many ancient ruling families are masters of indoctrination, poisoning and psychological manipulation. These "above government forces" have their own plans for where our money, energy and labor is going to flow.......with none of their plans benefiting the general public at all. I only started my real education once I left school. The government schooling I was exposed to and my time at University was all part of a massive brainwashing campaign, all organized by our captors. All designed to keep all of us running east looking for a sunset and rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic.

The primary interference with the free market is of course re-framing theft and extortion of the public as taxes. Stealing the public's money, through the threat of imprisonment, loss of life or violence against a citizen, isn't's extortion and it's theft. It's both. There can be no free market if no one is free to accumulate disposable income freely and spend that disposable income freely as well. In today's free-masonic market we have a thieving of nearly 50% of the wealth of the citizenry through various levels of taxation, levies and fees. If this theft was spent in a way that benefited the society as a whole, the anti free market considerations could stop there.........but the stolen money is invested is perpetual disaster capitalism projects that only ends with more disasters. With more disasters from the original investments of the stolen money, the faux governments step forward to once again steal more money as the solution for the problems they've purposely created......on behalf of the forces above them who pull their strings. In the end, the disasters organized by faux governments and their anti free market overlords lead to a never ending series of pre-planned disasters that constantly require greater and greater fleecing of the public. It's all a well oiled machine of deception and organized theft, by the oldest crime syndicate this world has ever known.

To say this is a free market in any place of education makes the dictionary definition of obfuscation absolutely meaningless. In short my paid education at McGill University was in brainwashing. My free government education prior to that was done to execute the exact same effect on my uninformed psyche. All of it organized so I would fall in love with my captors and so darkness, failure and misery could be normalized in my life. I divorced this death cult long ago and my life couldn't be outside the bullshit, fraud and lie-ahria of this conventional slave/mind control system.
Look at today for example with "the new medicine". Billions stolen from the public and hand delivered to a handful of farma companies, for the"new medicine". The new medicine failed all standard testing protocols but was unleashed anyway. That is why the new medicine was "authorized" and "not approved" for human consumption. Authorized means "they're not responsible for the harm it does" are. The new medicine didn't protect against anything advertised and was never designed to. The stock market values of companies making the new medicine sky rocketed under the free-masonic market system......and the rest of the financial parasite advisors jumped in a little later to drive the stock price of the new medicine even higher. Massive financial profits billowed out of the fake free market system based on a new medicine that left a trail of death, injury and misery in its wake. There's nothing free about the free market economy inside our modern day death cult. Money is stolen from the public and funneled solely into projects that produce negative return for the entire society. It's enough to make Satan himself blush and send shivers up his spine...and yet some overpaid professor was compensated generously to lie to me about a free market economy. It's not a free market economy. It's a free-masonic economy. End of story. Lesson over in 2 sentences. Where's my refund?

My message to kids or young adults out there is simple. Get out of the mainstream systems while you can or you'll end up living so many lies as truth, you'll simply blow away off this planet like dandelion fluff in short order.......your soul scattered to the wind by dark and evil forces masquerading as everything they're not. Keep your money for yourself. Go get a real education. Run away from the conventional system and keep on running. Get out of here. It's a trap.



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