Financial Self Sabotage

May 19, 2022

This morning my friend was kissing his girlfriend out the door and said, "have a great day baby, go make some money, love you!" The new girlfriend rocketed back, "I don't like that, saying I am going to make the money". My friend quickly back peddled and everything was fine again, retracting his statement...….but also not understanding what the big deal was.

I've been around this couple for several months now and it was easy to understand what was really going on, from a self-sabotage subconscious perspective. There were several other situations I witnessed where this lady had illogical (yet very prominent) reactions to any conversation or idea regarding "money". Although she was going to earn money at her job today, she didn't really want to think about it like that, because like most other people....she's been programmed to believe that money is dirty, bad or that the love of money is the root of all evil, etc. This anti-abundance (suffering and struggle is better) programming is often set into us in early childhood from the poverty mindset of parents, suffering-based religious teachings, or from highly repetitive anti-wealth TV and movie media themes.

Many people believe that health-based self-sabotage is the #1 form of self-sabotage in the world. As a well-experienced self-sabotage coach, I can tell you that WEALTH-based self-sabotage sits firmly in the #1 gold medal position. Most people are petrified of having wealth, abundance and full control of their day.

People who have been programmed to believe that money is evil, bad, immoral, or shallow.....will often actively destroy any money that comes their way (regardless of amount) and will always hold anti-money programming just under the waterline. This lady unfortunately was infected with this anti prosperity programming yet she wasn't aware of it...…which is always a recipe for financial disaster. Even if her boyfriend came into money, she would feel ugly, dirty and undeserving of the pleasure, enjoyment and happiness excess financial abundance can offer. Of course, money can't buy happiness but neither can poverty.

If you're not a registered client, looking for solutions, I'll always stay quiet and never interject. In the end, my friend is dating a person programmed to push money, wealth and prosperity away and make subconscious decisions that are inherently from the "poverty and struggle mindset".....where she believes that struggle in life equates to walking the high moral ground. It's a trap of course. An ambush and a mental quagmire that's purposely inserted into the collective subconscious by rich people, who don't want to have any competition at the top of the financial pyramid.

This video below can explain some of the clever tactics, by which poverty programming is inserted into people who frankly believe they can't ever be mentally hacked in this way. The more someone believes they're immune to mental hacking, the easier they are to mentally hack. True story.

Becoming as independent as you can is no longer an option, it's an obligation to all of humanity. Taking back your health, your personal power and your income generation is how this dark, ugly and rotting system will be taken down. Everyone will put their backs into this drive to become stronger and more independent once again. Click below to see how I can help you achieve everything in that area of empowerment, in order that you and your family step into a better life in 2024. Take control, step into what needs to be done, take action and do your part. Learn from teachers who have already climbed the mountain. Click the image below for the full details!


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