Fear of The Tribe - Will You Do What You Know Is Wrong Just To Fit In? This Video Has Your Answer...

Oct 05, 2022
If you're wondering why humans can be easily tricked into doing silly, illogical, irrational, immoral or evil things.......look no further than the psychology involved with self sabotage. The psychology of self sabotage is just basic psychology, which unfortunately is purposely hidden form the public. Our subconscious is designed to make decisions based on acquiring safety in  the bigger group. If the bigger group is perceived to be doing irrational, illogical, evil and immoral things........many people will be triggered to just go along with it because most of our behavior isn't manufactured in an organic way as we're lead to believe. Most of what we do is about fitting in with our environment, not aligning with our inner compass of right and wrong.
In the video attached to this post, we see this all going down in real time. The victims of this group behavior pressure all know what they're doing isn't right..........but their actions aren't about being right, their actions are about fitting in with the group because they believe they're not strong enough to face down the group if the bigger group may turn on them. Mental and physical strength also plays a large part in self sabotage psychology (the pressure to fit in) especially when the person concedes internally that they are too weak mentally, physically, spiritually and financially to walk away from the herd and take the attack of the wolf pack for breaking free as an individual. People who like to dominate others will make them purposely weak in those 4 categories before they attack, so the victim can't resist the attack or pivot out of the attack. When you're too weak to resist, compliance is the natural default program in the body.
We can easily see this effect in play since early 2020, when group pressure caused billions to act against their genetic drives of self preservation, while believing they were acting in their own best interests. It's been proven long ago that the media can literally manufacturer "the group consensus" and trick the public as to where the bigger herd is going. It's been proven long ago that you can make uninformed humans think there's safety in behaviors, products and beliefs....that actually cause permanent injury or premature death. For example, is there any safety in shutting down your own economy? No there isn't but the media convinced people through herd based psychological manipulation that there was. The media and government both framed unsafe behaviors as the safest behaviors to engage in, causing hundreds of millions to demand what would eventually destroy them and their families. Is there any safety blocking the hole in your face called a mouth, with a piece of cloth? Of course not. Is there any safety in the removal of the most basic human freedoms? Of course not. Is there any safety in capitulating to medical advice that's unfounded, unscientific and irrational? Again, the answer is obvious. Group psychology and the fear of the tribe (or bigger group) can be weaponized through inversion to make people run east looking for a sunset and also to make people constantly rearrange the furniture on the deck of the Titanic....in their own lives.
Knowing why humans do what they do can be valuable for you and for others as well. If you're interesting in the psychology of self sabotage, so that you can improve your own life....as well as start an online (or in person) coaching business, you may be interested in becoming a Certified Self Sabotage Coach. Contact me personally at [email protected] for more details.
Again the pressure of the herd to "go along to get along" (demonstrated in this video) is the pressure our social engineers use against us purposely and it's this pressure that can be manipulated at will to make large tracts of the public act irrationally, illogically, immorally and even conduct evil. (even evil upon themselves, on others, on their own children, on their families and on their own communities) Again the weaker the person is physically, mentally, financially and spiritually......they more they will comply with herd pressure, even if the herd pressure is tailored to destroy self and other.


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