Eat Zee Bugs

There are things you don't know about eating bugs. First of all bugs contain enormous amounts of parasites, some known, many unknown. The saturated fats in grass fed animals are needed in the human body to produce the strongest males, as testosterone and growth hormone (and all other hormones) are built from saturated fats. The most efficient production pathways (inside the human body) for producing these strength building hormones occur when a human consumes grass fed meat. To produce strong children in the womb as well, saturated fats are also needed. 70% of the brain is saturated fat.

Removing saturated fat from the diet falls in line with the anti male, anti strength, pro weakness, anti IQ and pro disease agendas of the group pushing the bug idea. You can't farm lions, only lambs...and eating bugs (while curtailing or cancelling meat) pushes the farmed human animal into a category of weakness, where the human farm will become extremely efficient. There are no lion farms for a reason because you can't farm super strong and super aggressive animals. Feeding the human animal bugs makes the humans much easier to control, manipulate, lie to, steal from, govern and control. But wait, like a bad infomercial, there's more. This isn't the first time this sort of "arrangement" has been seen in history. During ancient times, in various cultures, only the ruling group were permitted to eat meat and the peasants were only permitted to eat insects and rodents. In some cultures the ruling group would even sacrifice and eat the peasants, to satisfy this invisible contract for ruling group meat consumption. The peasants of course, in their weakened physical state, could offer much less resistance because their bodies and minds were weakened, from the lack of saturated fat. The weakest societies are being targeted first with zee bugs, societies fattened for decades prior on gluttony, alcohol, junk food, brain destroying chemicals, caffeine and the perpetual good time. Canada has just finished the world's largest cricket plant in Ontario, perfect food for the Canadian slave who doesn't know that the people on TV aren't who they say they are.

As a side note as well, please investigate Nicole Kidman's father and his activities in Australia, as to explain why Nicole Kidman is doing exactly as she's told in this media piece. Nicole conducting herself irrationally can also be explained through her father's connections with certain "rituals" and "ceremonies", which in turn produce very obedient people to conduct any and all agendas (and orders) from the group in power. Be very careful folks, everything they taught you in government school and through their media is a lie. These people aren't who they say they are. They used to see you as milking cattle. Now they see you as beef cattle. React logically or you won't be around too long.


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