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Nov 01, 2022
The word "media" comes from an ancient country where Iran and Azerbaijan are today. The name of that country was actually Media. In Media lived the Medes. The Medes offered mind control and psychological manipulation courses to heads of states, from anywhere in the world. Brainwashing, hypnosis, trance induction, alpha brain wave state, poisoning to upregulate mind control, the use of bright lights, the use of height differences, the use of colors, behavior modification, hijacking natural symbols to more easily access the mind of the earth victims, propaganda and black magic were their specialty. What that really means is that this group were masters of making you do what they wanted, absent of physical force and while you (the victim) believed the entire time that your beliefs, ideas, thoughts and behaviors were organic to you.......which of course they weren't. It means that they controlled you like a remote-control toy with words, emotions and symbols.... without you having any clue that you were being controlled.
With the skilled application of these principles, various criminal enterprises could pose as altruistic governments and engage in open illegal theft (via the word magic "taxation") and run large scale human farming operations that looked at humans as solar energy collectors who perpetually provided the electricity for empire expansion and other various projects that only provided benefit for the black magic sorcerers. This is why the fine art of social engineering and mind control carries the general name still to this very day, which is MEDIA, in honor of the black magic word and chemical magicians who invented the craft of mass public control.
During the times of The Medes and their country Media, many terms were based on fishing or the farming of the fish. For example, the words NEWS is an ancient maritime term that represented North-East-West and South. NEWS was a maritime term that meant "gathering information from all directions" so a rational decision could be made. This is why today our modern NEWS stations filter our information, censor it and limits what we hear and see, so we make irrational and illogical decisions that keep us weak, sick, toxic, poor and dependent. The "news anchor" is another maritime term and so is broadcasting, as to cast a net or fishing line to catch the fish.... which is us. This is also where we get the word "NETWORK" (net-work) because these ancient black magicians are always working the nets to catch the most fish, so we're all easily gutted on the shore. This is also where we get the phrase "the net" or "the world wide web" from because it's the same black magicians working the farming/fishing operation to this very day. Tele-cast, pod-cast, broadcast etc..... it's all ancient spell casting. Even the word "channel", another maritime term. The doctor or "the docked-oar" represented a situation where someone wanted to come ashore and the dock master (the docked-oar) was in charge, the ultimate authority figure. You had to play by the rules if you wanted to dock to survive. To come ashore, you needed the passport so you could "pass the port". There are many players involved in the successful farming of humans on this planet. The MEDIA is just one crucial player. The medical system is another.
The word MEDIcal also carries the same prefix as MEDIa because the Medes understood that the media and the medical system were best organized in tandem because a polluted and weakened metabolic system of a human victim was much easier to put under the spell casting that was organized by the media. The two phonetic sounds in both media and medical is me-di or me-die. This is spell casting all on its own of course, as sounds register deep into the subconscious to fully dominate the behavior over time, as repetition is proven to change/modify human matter how logical or illogical the repetitive cuing.
This is where the ancient word PHARMAKEIA comes from. This of course is what our modern word PHARMACY is based on. The term pharmakeia is an abstract noun meaning sorcery, magic and the practice of magic arts. The concrete noun is pharmakon whose primary meaning is poison. In many European countries the pharmacies fly the original "spelling" of FARMACY because the poisoning of the human livestock is essential for all successful human farming operations.....especially drugs that disrupt brain function. In order to make sure the spells from media take hold inside the minds of the human cattle, it always works best if the livestock are given a "prescription", so the human cattle are more prone to read their "scripts", which in turn are written out by the media/government spell casting complex.
The word "pre-script-ion" is about what's needed before the human cattle read from their medial/gov created scripts, while believing they're in control of their own lives. The word "PRE" means "BEFORE" and the word "SCRIPT" means "WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO READ, DO OR SAY AS AN ACTOR IN A PLAY". The Medes understood clearly that a polluted, toxic and weakened human reads and adheres to their scripted roles more readily than a strong, healthy and vital human. This is all part of the very simple human farming manual. Keep them weak and toxic with the "pre-script-ions" so the human resource cattle would better "read their scripts" without too much fuss, resistance, question or rebellion. You can't farm lions, only lambs. You can't farm strong, vital and healthy human cattle. You can only farm weak, toxic, sick and dependent human cattle. It's human farming 101 with poison-based FARM-A-KEY-A (the KEY to the FARMING operation) plus the ME-DIE-A, which keeps telling you that this is all completely normal and that this is the best you can do. Welcome to the human farm. Hope you understand what's going on right now to a greater extent. All my work is based on these simple concepts. In order to rise up to your full potential, you need to understand the system that you live in, which is designed to keep you down. You're sick for a reason. You're broke for a reason. You're overweight for a reason. You're dis-empowered for a reason. You're dependent for a reason. You're unmotivated for a reason. Unslave and reject the systems that farm you.
Jason Christoff Nov 1 2022


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