Nov 18, 2021

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It’s hard to believe people don’t get what’s going on right now but if you investigate mind control and brainwashing, it’s easy to conclude that people do really understand what’s happening, they’re just too weak to process it. Since March of 2020, we’ve been inside a very long planned and well executed depopulation operation. The primary targets are the seniors and they’re being removed for the same reason that a farmer culls his beef cattle when they get too old to be sold at market. In our world, if you haven’t noticed, the value of many things are only realized and manifested when you kill or destroy them.

A tree that grows tall and beautiful only expresses its “value” in our world when it’s cut down. A school of fish in our world, only brings fourth its value…..when the fish are landed, gutted and brought to market. Gold is only of value when it’s blasted out of the rock and all the animals, micro organisms, birds, worms, bugs, trees etc are destroyed in the process. We live by these principles in our society and we’ve lived with them so long, we’ve failed to put any checks and balances on them. Seniors are worth more dead than alive, as is anyone taking more from the system, compared to what they’re giving back.

We live in a death cult on many levels. The vast majority of our movies are about killing and death. Our primary religion is about the murdering of a son, death and chaos. Our governments invade other countries, kill people over there, the media then brings the death energy back over to us via war coverage……and our death cult culture gets extremely excited when the blood flows.

There’s something about evil, which you can always bet on unfortunately and that is……EVIL SPARES NO ONE. We’re all completely OK with evil when it goes over to the Middle East to raise the death energy over there… it should be no surprise that karma has brought evil back over here in all the developed nations. If you cheer lead evil elsewhere, it always returns to teach you a very valuable lesson. It kills you next. That’s how evil works. This is as sure as the sun rising. So today evil is now feasting on us and of course many people are too weak and lacking of spine to process this reality. This makes them easy targets. In true death cult fashion, many seniors are volunteering for their own vaccine induced euthanasia and many others of course, are too feeble to resist the vaccine genocide being orchestrated in the end of life homes that many seniors are falsely trusting in their most vulnerable years. I know many people in my family, proud as peacocks to have injected a toxic brew of graphene oxide, a mega toxin that is killing millions within 72 hours of injection. This toxin appears it can also be triggered to kill a person, via a sharp wifi blast. (think Elon Musk’s Starlink System) And yet, that’s not even the point of this article. Anyone who can’t think will equally beg for the boosters and yearly vaccine top ups until they expire and blame the unvaccinated. Evil knows how to set a trap. The more inept, sedated and distracted a human…..the quicker they take the bait.

Inside hospitals, many seniors (and younger folks as well) are being culled by ventilators and associated COVID protocols, purposely designed to literally kill almost 100% of patients that those COVID protocols are applied to. First of all not many people know that there are computers now in many hospitals that force both doctors and nurses to follow specific treatment protocols for COVID. This “do exactly as you’re told” medical computer system in the US is called EPIC. EPIC forces doctors and nurses to follow stated protocols or face disciplinary action. Hospitals are given monetary incentives to declare any patient at will a COVID patient, without testing. This is the financial bedrock of the medical genocide I’m eluding to. Inside the death cult, you simply monetize and incentivize the euthanasia. After that the humans that have had their souls removed through government schooling (just doing my job) often take the bait. Once a patient with a cough, sore throat, body aches etc is falsely classified as COVID without any testing or with a RT-PCR process that has no ability to confirm any disease, these patients are fed into the medical abattoir for their Nazi genocide applications to begin.

These applications (thanks to EPIC) include a) an antibiotic that destroys kidney function (which starts backing up water into the lungs so the patient appears like they had a breathing and respiratory issue, which is said to be COVID) b) a Dr. Anthony Fauci endorsed dose of Remdesivir (which is proven in research studies to be extremely fatal) and then a fatal application of the ventilator. Each of these protocols are proven extremely fatal in patients, even when a single arm of that protocol is applied. When these 3 applications are combined, there’s literally no way that the patient will survive. The hospitals have also been caught faking DNR’s, do not resuscitate orders, so they can be as cost efficient as possible with killing the patients. As soon as you kill the patient, you don’t have to try to resuscitate them. When the patient finally dies, the hospital is paid extra once again to declare that the patient has died from COVID, without testing and without any autopsy or via the fraudulent application of the RT-PCR process that has never been able to test for any disease, including what they call COVID.

So in the end, that’s the entire genocidal Nazi like protocol that’s incentivized and monetized to kill anyone that enters many hospitals in this day and age. Holocausts are very easy to organize. You only need indoctrinated and brain washed people who are programmed to take orders for a living, who are in turn financially dependent on the culling. That’s about it. You do have to use violent and immoral movies and TV shows for decades, as to make “these useful idiots” desensitized to death, killing and immorality……but generally that produces a very large pool of dependent slaves who can easily be employed to kill their fellow human beings. (all for digital numbers on banking computer screens) Evil knows how to organize evil. It’s the humans that really need to start paying closer attention to what evil is and why it needs to be fought tooth and nail.

Given all these murders are being falsely reframed and reclassified as COVID, more and more people then come in volunteering for the COVID vaccines. Those vaccines are also designed to kill short term and in the moderate term as well. It’s a system that ends up putting out a fire with gasoline. Everything that gets applied makes the problem worse, which in turn makes the problem worse, which in turn makes the problem worse. Good luck out there. People who can’t think, won’t live to see the summer of 2022. People in the system are so morally corrupt, they would rather blame the people who can think for the growing evil, instead of looking at themselves as the paid murderers they are. Interesting times. I know who the murderers are and it’s not the people who can think and it’s not people refusing the vaccine. If you’ve injected poison into yourself, on the say so of a government organizing murder of its own citizens, you don’t have the right to judge anyone else’s morality, beliefs or actions. To do so is intellectually dishonest.

Citation below.

Retired nurse Erin Marie brings people up to date, regarding this year long culling of hospital patients. This is a Facebook link. CLICK HERE

Retired nurse (Erin Marie again but this report is from April 2020) video tapes some of the genocide of patients in NY City hospitals through ventilator induced deaths CLICK HERE

Another Nurse claims that hospital staff is killing patients with ventilators inside the United States (this is actually happening in all countries) – CLICK HERE

Another nurse speaks up about what was happening in the NY hospitals – CLICK HERE

Another nurse talks about what was killing patients in NY and it isn’t COVID – CLICK HERE

Doctor talks about ventilators killing patients – CLICK HERE

Cuomo demanding NY needs more ventilators (this should comes as no surprise as Cuomo is directly implicated as a highly paid actor in not only the killing of New Yorkers but also implicated as a highly paid operative, set to destroy the New York economy – Cuomo is a bonified war criminal) – CLICK HERE

NY adding to fraudulent COVID death counts at will (again Cuomo and his group at work again, using fraud to get the fear of COVID going, which in turn will lead to many more deaths, which he is paid to do) – CLICK HERE

And then the ventilator genocide is admitted to through evidence based research – CLCIK HERE

Even more talk of nurses and doctors killing patients – CLICK HERE

Doctor discovers that his father in law was murdered in a hospital using a genocide medication pathway invented by Dr. Fauci, which obviously was invented as a genocide application CLICK HERE

Death Caused By The COVID Vaccine (up to Aug 6th 2021)

US COVID vaccine deaths – CLICK HERE 
Brazil COVID vaccine deaths – CLICK HERE 
EU COVID vaccine deaths – CLICK HERE
UK COVID vaccine deaths – CLICK HERE
1000 COVID Stories – CLICK HERE

Some info about the EPIC computer system, making sure nurses and doctors kill as many people in the medical system with a) antibiotics b) a Facui approved dose of Remdesivir and then c) an application of the life ending ventilator. When combined, the chances anyone survives is minimal. CLICK HERE

The test for COVID can’t test for COVID CLICK HERE

Just FYI as well – COVID doesn’t even exist – it’s all fraud – CLICK HERE

Spanish researcher who discovered graphene in the injection explains a good protocol for its removal after injection – CLICK HERE

Graphene is the poison of choice in this agenda
Graphene in the face masks – CLICK HERE
Graphene found by Spanish scientists in vaccines – CLICK HERE 
Actual Spanish scientists who made the graphene discovery – CLICK HERE
Graphene in the shots – CLICK HERE
Pfizer employee (ex) explains the poisonous graphene in the shot – CLICK HERE
French scientist warning about mind control “magnetic” vaccines in 1995 – CLICK HERE
THIS IS THE VIDEO – Graphene oxide CAUGHT reacting to wifi – CLICK HERE 
Certainly may explain the magnetism after their fake vaccination – CLICK HERE
Graphene based brain interface – CLICK HERE 
It only gets worse the deeper you investigate – CLICK HERE
Graphene oxide toxicity – CLICK HERE
Graphene for water treatment now even though it’s poison – I did NAZI that coming – CLICK HERE
Graphene is a necessary ingredient to hook us up to the smart cities – CLICK HERE

Seniors first just like is described by this holocaust survivor.

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