Nov 19, 2021

Today we have this story out of the Epoch Times regarding NY State adding 12,000 COVID deaths to the COVID death count overnight. I’m getting a little leery of The Epoch Times and their constant refusal to dig deep into government corruption, regarding the COVID issue. They appear a leader in reporting some areas of government corruption but really seem to give COVID corruption a hard pass at times. At this point, we all must be very suspicious of any organization that’s given enough fertilizer to grow to a size where that organization can influence the ideas, beliefs and behaviors of the masses.

Regardless, if anyone believed the new governor of New York would not come with the usual globalist puppet strings attached to her mouth and appendages, they need to pay closer attention to this world wide medical dictatorship take over attempt, which is really a very thin veil for a one world satanic religion installation……in every sense of the word. Don’t forget the Satanism is already an established religion throughout the world. The head of The Satanic Church in the United States is in San Francisco California, founded by the late Anton Lavey. This should come as no surprise, as California and San Francisco lay in complete ruins. Satanism believes in the complete inversions of all things that build strong societies. Satanism aims to install a down is up, black is white, left is right and slavery is freedom sort of society. California and NY State are the epicenters of this take over for several different reasons, too long to explore in this shorter article.

Satanic religious doctrine is extremely simple. In Satanism you a) think of yourself at all times and pursue a self centered approach to life 24 hours per day, each day, every day b) morality is subjective, which means morality changes second to second. What benefits you personally is moral, even if it comes at the cost of the collective and even if you need to murder others to enrich yourself and c) practicing Satanists see Christianity, objective morality, God and Jesus as “the great restrictor”. Their phrase, not mine. With Satanic doctrine, if killing billions of people with a fake vaccine can be accomplished through the application of documented mind control tactics, in order to enrich yourself…..then you should do it. Satanists believe that anything that can be done is already given the green light by their God Satan or it would not be allowed or would never be on the table as an option to pursue in the first place. Satanists look at something like a lion eating a Zebra and conclude “that’s the way Satan has designed our world….these are Satan’s rules to live by“. The weak are consumed by the strong and this sets the ground rules for how this world really works. Consume or be consumed. All life forms require the life energy of other living entities, so it’s best to kill rather than be killed. Killing is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, no restrictions.

Regardless, most people don’t really know about the ancient belief system of the people who are constantly lying to us about COVID. So how exactly did NY add 12,000 COVID deaths to the state death tally overnight? Well, the video below will clearly explain this lie based approach for keeping the public living in fear and demanding they be locked down, poisoned and economically destroyed. Nothing is what is seems down on the human farm.

So just how much effort has been put into lying to the public about the COVID infection and death numbers? Well, the short answer is…….there has been billions of dollars put into fabricating the COVID smoke and mirrors show. CLICK HERE for a brief look at how much effort has been put into the COVID Hollywood production.

What could be the biggest lie in all this is……….SARS-COV-2 (the supposed virus that causes COVID) doesn’t exist. CLICK HERE or watch the video below this.

And if you really want to know about Satanism, from an insider, this video below this would be a great place to start. He will let you know the collusion occurring between Hollywood celebrities, high ranking government officials, big business and some ancient ruling families on this planet.

Stay tuned, I have returned to writing a bit more and I’ll slow drip this information to people a little bit at a time, so they can start getting a good idea of what’s really going on out there. Remember folks, they’re going to try and kill and cripple the children in only a couple of weeks with the fake COVID vaccine. CLICK HERE for a medical doctor who had her license removed for trying to tell the public of all the children being destroyed by the COVID injection in her private practice. The Satanists aren’t coming, they’re already here. Move away from the darkness and start protecting the children.

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