The SIDS Con Job - Why Children Are Dying Right After Vaccination

Sep 16, 2022
When is the last time something that could kill your child, was something that could also make your child really healthy? Vaccine insert below lists SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as a reported adverse event. SIDS describes what happened to the child and not why. SIDS just means "you're child died suddenly." So the people who claim deep knowledge in regards to your child's health, instantly have no idea  what killed your child, who was perfectly healthy just before they were vaccinated? So health professionals claim unlimited knowledge in regards to your child's health but all of a sudden, when a child dies after a vaccine, the conclusion is "your child just died for a reason we can't explain." Can't explain? Death or permanent injury are listed side effects of most (if not all) vaccines, so either the "health professional" (paid liar) hasn't read a vaccine insert or they're protecting unproven vaccine mythology at the cost of children's lives. What's the lesson here? If you enter a bastion of corruption, don't expect morality and ethical conduct. The system is obviously corrupt to the core, so why do some people still insist on volunteering their children for the medical and state sacrifice? Because to be a part of the cult and to walk unharassed through the corridors of this cult, you must do as you're told and you must poison your child on cue from the medical, science and government hierarchy. Offer your child for sacrifice or feel various punishments built into the luciferian control grid. These are your choices and when you choose to poison your child, in order to gain personal benefit in the cult, love is actually vaporized and destroyed inside the heart and mind. In the end, when children are poisoned by their own parents, love is removed from the child and the parent, all at the same time.
SIDS is sort of like me shooting you with my rifle square in the chest and the police report declares that you died of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and I walk free. How much sense does that make? How about if my lawyer said, "yes Jason shot the plaintiff in the chest with his rifle and the plaintiff died, but correlation isn't causation". What would you think about that defense, especially if I walked free? Would that make any sense to you? Seriously? Same amount of sense as SIDS of course yet most people are conditioned to lead their children right into the cross-hairs without question or resistance. May the children forgive us, but I highly doubt it. How is a child supposed to respect any care giver or parent who won't even take the most basic precaution of at least reading the vaccine insert and asking some very obvious questions? The first question should be....."can you show me the study for every vaccine proving that vaccinated children are healthier and more resistant to disease compared to an equal group of unvaccinated children?"
The answer to that question is.....that study HAS NEVER BEEN DONE. For most people vaccinating, they do so because of a reflexive obedience to authority that they learned in government schools. Just do as you're told and you get rewarded....resist and you're punished. So with that government program inserted into the mental hard drive of the citizens, the same government advertises that a needle full of poisons will make you healthier, even though the vaccine comes with listed side effects that include death and/or permanent injury. Most of the public are merely following their programming and leaving their children hanging in the wind, as an evil force masquerading as government, medicine and science closes the circle and steals yet another soul into the darkness. Hell is empty and the devils are here.
*This article was originally authored and published on Facebook in 2018 by Jason Christoff.


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