Nov 18, 2021

In ancient times (in the middle east), there was a child sacrifice cult, associated with the worship of the planet Saturn. This child sacrifice cult practiced burning children and infants alive, inside metal objects (heated up by large fires) which often were shaped like a bull. The bull God’s name was Molech. This is where we get the phrases “Holy Moley” and “Holy Smoke” from today……the smoke of the burning children. Holy meant that the sacrificed had “holes” in them or were placed in “the hole”, inside the metal object. Holy did mean “closer to God” but not in the way you were taught. Get in the hole, become holy smoke and get closer to God.

Today this ancient ritual is hidden in many churches (in plain sight) with the use of incense, mimicking the smoke of the burning child. Often the incense carrying object is whipped around a picture or statue of Christ, for what should be very obvious reasons. During the original burning of children, to the bull God Molech, the group would sing loud, bang drums and chant……so these practicing Satanists would hear less of the baby screaming, as the babies were burnt alive. Today inside many religious institutions (directly connected to this cult) the chanting and signing as the “holy smoke” (incense) is whipped around… still executed exactly as it was in times past. One primary religion we honor today has its’ followers gather every Sunday, the traditional day of infant sacrifice, to mock eat a child’s flesh and mock drink a child’s blood, after his own Dad kills him. Not exactly hard here to connect the dots, if you’re free of the mind control.

They called this burning of a sacrifice “immolation”. Do you see MOL in immolation? Of course you do and now you know why. (MOL-ech)  In this picture above is the bull God Molech, outside a children’s hospital in Philadelphia, fully equipped with the side door, for placing children in for sacrifice, after a large fire was placed under the metal altar…….making the metal red or even white hot. This statue of child sacrifice is held upon a stone pillar, upon which many “doctor’s” names are carved into it. All the doctors mentioned are famous for “inventing medical therapies”, all proven to destroy and kill children like chemotherapy, radiation, x-rays, antibiotics etc. Even our anti bullying campaigns organized to help children in school, refer to this ancient bull cult of child sacrifice………yet the highest people inside our own governments are still bull cult members. Even the word bullshit, meaning someone lying from the bull cult, is still frequently used to this day. The word bullet…..derived from the destruction this bull cult is famous for. What about cannibal? (canna- bull) Let me tell you something to end here…………most people have no idea (ZERO, NADA, ZILCH) what’s going on and they best start paying attention. The cult is still active, you’re in it, you’re already a member and the child sacrifice rituals occur openly every day inside our culture. Culture means……..URE-CULT….or YOUR CULT. Never be confused about why all the children are dying early or are sick, please. It’s a child sacrifice based death cult. From abortion to vaccination and from circumcision to the medical drugging of kids in government run indoctrination centers. You’re free to awaken at anytime.

The bull cult is still very much alive and well down here, all in plain sight.

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