Check Your Programming With This 12 Point List

Dec 30, 2021
There's a part of your mind called the subconscious. You may know nothing about the subconscious but the people who rule you know EVERYTHING about it. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind hacked by hypnotists during their shows, to make people stop smoking, cluck like chickens and play imaginary musical instruments live on stage...…when everyone else is watching and laughing. If you know the language or programming code of the subconscious, you can make people do and believe anything you wish. The average person is easily programmed (through the subconscious mind pathway) to hold beliefs that make their life tough, depressing, crisis filled and miserable. Check the quality of your subconscious programming with the 12 point list below.
If you believe any of the listed 12 illogical concepts, it means your subconscious has been hacked...and not in a good way. When you live out lies as truth, you get pain as a guaranteed result. The people ruling you simply find you easier to rule, control, dominate, govern, steal from and lie to...…when you're in pain. That's why they insert these irrational, illogical and inverted belief systems into your subconscious mind, so you're not as powerful and so you're easier to control. Do you believe any of these illogical concepts? Check the quality of your subconscious programming by reviewing the following 12 point list.
1. You believe that taking the entire bottle of medication will kill you but you also believe that taking one pill of the same medication every day can make you healthier or better.
2. You believe that working a job you don't enjoy for 30 years is the only way to produce income for you and your family.
3. You believe that news shows are on your TV to inform you.
4. You believe that programs on your TV are there to entertain you.
5. You believe that the TV commercials between the TV shows (and the subliminal messaging in the TV shows themselves) don't affect you because you're too smart.
6. You believe that your government works around the clock to make your life better.
7. You believe that your vote counts, even though the people you vote for never consult with you in anyway regarding the laws they pass and even though each law in no way reflects the wants or desires of any moral/ethical/sane person.
8. You believe that what you eat doesn't affect your health or if/when you get sick?
9. You believe doctors, who work in hospitals that have pop and chocolate bar machines in those hospitals, care about people's health.
10. You believe that schools should always teach your children how to write resumes instead of how to write business plans.
11. You believe that poisonous and toxic take out food needs to be called a "treat" or "reward" on a Friday night, when you actually eat toxic and poisonous food most the week anyway.
12. You believe alcohol is healthy in moderation, even though alcohol has already been proven to reduce life span, cause cancer and cause brain damage.....when consumed in any amount. (even in moderation)
Now if you hold any of these illogical and irrational belief systems, your life can't be good. It's that simple. If you live out lies as truth, you get pain. If you hold any of these illogical beliefs, they only got there one way. They're in your head (not because they make any sense) but because the people who rule you hacked your subconscious mind and put them in their purposely through a) negative brainwashing government schooling or b) inverted media hacking. Do you want to get out of your pain? If you do want to finally get out of your pain, you need to reprogram your subconscious and there's only a couple ways to do that. Contact me if you want the solutions that your human farmers don't want you to have access to. You can't rule lions, only lambs. Ready to be a lion yet and reprogram for success and strength? Or do you want to keep living as a gov/media programmed automaton, living out lies as truth? It's a choice...…you don't have to stay the same. You can change at anytime. Email me at [email protected] and title your email "brainwash me to a better life."


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