Canada's Gun Buy Back Program and Canada's Freedom Buy Back Program

May 25, 2023
It's hard to keep up with the Canadian government's efforts to cull its own population....even as an onlooker now living outside the Canadian borders. It's also important to clarify that none of our world governments (including what's passing as the Canadian government) are anything but ancient ruling families, which are brilliantly outlined in David Whitehead's documentary called Cult of the Medics. If you happen to live inside the borders of Canada, it's also very easy to see that most Canadians are more concerned about their own personal routines of monotony, compared to any issue that may actually save their lives. Canadians are being murdered by their own government faster than in any other fake country of the world (save Australia) because Canadians have been manufactured to be the easiest human cattle to be bring to the NWO/WEF/WHO slaughter house
It's almost like many Canadians have come to terms with the fact that their corrupt misleaders will murder large swaths of Canadians where they stand. It appears that many Canadians have conditioned themselves to believe that their own murders (at the hands of their own government) isn't really something worth fighting against, as long as the ruling group lies to the citizens (and smiles) as the public are systematically murdered by the state. I see many Canadians sort of releasing themselves to their fate, almost tacitly declaring, "yes you can murder me and my family but make it quick and painless, please lie to me along the way and murder me politely, tell me that my death is going to make the world better and please kill me as I'm watching hockey, drinking my coffee, watching Netflix, sipping my wine or doing my yard work..........I just don't want to face the truth about me, my beliefs or the world I live in. As long as you meet that criteria, yes you can murder me and steal all my assets. To actually fight back scares me more than getting I will not resist." I see this all day in Canada but of course I don't understand such weakness and never have.
I don't understand anybody who thinks like that, although I see millions of people in Canada thinking like this right now. It's like they're extremely afraid to LIVE and not really afraid to DIE, as long as the government inflicted death doesn't involve too much suffering or work on their part. The devil will take that offering all night long of course. Don't forget that in 2015 released its population figures for 2025 for most fake countries around the world. Canada's population was set to drop to 26 million by from 37 million in 2025. This cull of world populations has been planned long ago and at this rate, I think the Canadian cull is going to get that population much lower than 26 million because Canadians are under some of the deepest form of trauma based mind control that I've ever witnessed. Regardless of what you believe, the cull is on in Canada and it's like shooting fish in a barrel, as many Canadians are literally begging go be injected with poison, CRT'ed, gender confused, taxed, climate changed and WEF'ed right off the planet. It's enough to make Satan himself blush with envy. 
As long as the Canadians being murdered by government are told obvious lies that drive fake feel-good emotions through their nervous systems, it appears the contract between murderer and murder victim is iron clad. It's hard to watch but what can any one person do......said 8 billon people. It only makes sense if you don't think about it.  The oddest thing about Canadians is that each one believes that they are extremely special and that they are the only ones who won't be murdered by government storm troopers, government policies, food shortages, purposely organized resource limitation etc. Let's also be honest and take a step back here for a second, the government actually hasn't murdered anyone thus far. What's happening is the weaponization of propaganda, in order that the public murder themselves with fake vaccines and so the public get behind every other genocidal policy organized from high atop the corrupt ruling pyramid.
Drag queen story hour, shutting down the food supply because of a fake climate change psy-op, allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign criminals into Canada through mass migration, destroying children with the TRANS agenda, shaming the Canadian population because they're mostly white via anti white critical race theory mind control......many Canadians are moronically putting their back into all these psychological operations, hoping to virtue signal their way into their next government job promotion. The only thing that awaits this childish Canadian is being required to murder themselves with additional fake vaccines. If you don't know what the Dunning-Kruger Effect is in psychology, you need to investigate. The Dunning-Kruger Effect describes when dumb people don't know they're dumb because they're too dumb to realize how dumb they are.....yet they also believe that they're brilliant because of their deep level of dumbness. The government school system told millions off mediocre and surgically dumb people that they were straight A students, just as long as they repeated everything told to them and if they never questioned authority. This historical ambush of telling people that they're brilliant for simply doing what they're told, is what's making many Canadians volunteer for their own euthanasia right now. Most Canadians will willingly volunteer for their own genocide and cheer it on because the government school system has left them completely sterile and impotent to care or support themselves independently.
Most Canadians killing themselves with lie based lockdowns and injections of poison literally have to kill themselves, in order to stay in the system.... because most Canadians have been made completely dependent on the system that's killing them and would simply die anyway if they are left to fend for themselves, outside the system. The best most Canadians can hope for is going into the 15-minute cities, eating the bugs, taking 5 injections of poisons per year....and somehow making it out the other side. That's how dependent on the satanic system and infantilized many Canadians have become.  If Canadians actually took it upon themselves to grow up into fully functional empowered adults, who are independent of the system, they actually feel like they would die for sure. Because of this programmed dependence, many Canadians feel like that would DIE FOR SURE, if they actually became fully functional independent adults. If they comply with all the government policies designed to kill them, they MIGHT most Canadians are taking this bizarre genocidal gamble, complying with evil instead of growing up. The devil will take that bet all night long, down at the casino of death, darkness and democide. When you avoid making the transition from child to adult (by standing up to evil) you'll get pain as a reward for such cowardice. 
So yes it's time, let's talk about the Canadian government's gun buyback program shall we. Gun confiscation always happens before the government murders its own people but don't tell Joe and Jane TV Watcher that because the TV told them that taking the guns away from the public would make everyone safer. Yes, just like the vaccine would make everyone safer. Remember that vaccine, the one that's killing and crippling at record rates? Yes, that amazing injection of poison. That definition of "safer". Yes, take the "safe" vaccine that's "safe and effective" because no one will be "safe" until "everyone's safe". Yes of course, the people who lied to the public about an injection of depopulation based poison should be the only people who have the guns. Yes, makes perfect sense........but only if you don't think about it. No one seems to remember that you shouldn't trust liars but that's not even the point. The point is......everything we hold dear IS ALREADY INSIDE A BUY BACK PROGRAM. We just aren't realizing it. Your freedom and even your life are already inside a government buy back program. Let me explain.
Let's take the "independent business buy back program" for example. This buy back program happened when we allowed the government to close small businesses (and leave big business open) and then pay everyone $2000 per month in Canada for destroying their economy. That's a buy back program. The government's buying back the freedom to operate a small business and buying back a healthy economy...and it only cost our misleaders $2000 per month/per person...for that that one buy back program. My small business used to provide myself and my family $15,000 of wage per month. The government closed me for a virus never proven to exist and paid myself and my wife $2000 per month to stay closed. And I had to eventually close my doors after 28 years because all my customers went to Walmart (which was permitted to stay open) to buy their fitness equipment.....and therefore never came back to my fitness club when I was "permitted" to reopen because I was deemed "non essential". That's a buy back program. The government paid me to remove my right to feed my family independently, outside their systems of tyrannical control, just like they're about to pay people to buy back their guns. Anything that gives you power, they're buying back and then when you have no power remaining THEY WILL STEAL BACK WHAT EVER THEY PAID, set, match. It starts as a BUY BACK PROGRAM, which leads to a STEAL BACK PROGRAM. Awake yet?
The teacher who teaches their pupils that there's more than 2 genders and that it's OK to cut your breasts or penis inside a morality, ethics and sanity buy back program. The buy back amount is the teacher's salary and what's being bought back is the teacher's morality, ethics and sanity. The police officer is in the same boat, inside a buy back program. A justice buy back program. I was charged with speaking at a group event during a fake COVID emergency, a right guaranteed to me under The Canadian Charter. A police officer showed up to charge me with executing my Charter protected rights, only months after making a pledge to protect my rights under the charter.....when she was sworn in as a police officer. Every police officer who is looking the other way, as the public are genocided are also inside a buy back program.  The police officer is receiving their cheque, that's the payment and what's being bought back is justice, the rule of law and even the souls of each officer. Our souls are literally on a buy back program. The nurse giving out the shots, the medical doctors lying to the public, chuckles the clown down the local radio station that said "everything is good with the shot and here's a list of the latest vaccine clinics you can attend, bring your children, everything is safe and effective".........these reflexively obedient jelly fish are inside their own respective buy back programs. The only things that count in life are being purchased back from these reflexively obedient drone bot order followers and they don't even know it. They've sold their dignity, their morality, their common sense, their virtue, their ethics, their bravery, their's f%^$ing embarrassing, to say the least.
What's really being bought back here is life, liberty, family, children, private property, happiness, peace of mind, love, the right to reproduce, human potential, evolution of the human animal, connection and anything that allows a human to live a fully empowered independent existence that sees them happy, satisfied and thankful. The corrupt ruling families of this world are showing up to buy it all back and many people are taking this satanic deal for pennies on the dollar. Soon the Canadian government will be giving out cash bonuses to the public, if they allow the government to buy back their lives. This is already happening. When someone dies after taking an experimental vaccine (just so they can travel or get back to a job they don't even like in the first place)........a buy back was executed. A buy back with the devil himself. Your life for the devil's payment....but only the devil knows you won't ever collect on your end of the bargain...EVER. Everything the government is doing right now is a buy back program. Pay closer attention. What's your next move? Are you going to side with the devil and allow evil to buy back the life GOD gave you or are you going to switch over to GOD's TEAM and protect the life GOD gave you? What's your move? GOD has everything you need in the forest and nature, so you can be independent of Satan's system inside the artificial environments that the devil calls cities. What's your move? Satan or GOD? Is you stand with Satan he will collect his payment for living in his cities of perpetual pleasure? Satan's fee will include your life, your children and everything you own.....and payment's coming due very quickly at the moment. What's your move? If you want a place to start, just start with peaceful noncompliance when the devil (the government and the media) ask you to dance to the devil's fiddle. Start there and work your way out to remembering just how powerful GOD has already made you. 


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