Caffeine, Coffee and Self Sabotage. Is There A Connection?

Dec 28, 2021
Coffee consumption is never to be taken lightly. Coffee and all caffeinated products have a massive self sabotaging effect on our behavior. If you're having a hard time with your relationships, your finances, your happiness, your health or your general satisfaction in's a good idea to review your consumption of caffeine. Caffeine consumption is linked directly to depression, risky behavior, short term thinking, the mimicking of group based behaviors (even if said behaviors are self destructive) heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, migraines, erratic behavior, joint problems, back pain, other addictions, violent outbursts, illogical behavior, ulcers, digestive problems. carpel tunnel, ruptured tendons, ruptured muscles. erectile dysfunction, irrational behavior and the inability to consider the long term consequences of our decisions. Not only can caffeine change our brain function to make us self sabotage to a higher degree, it can make us sick and pass away prematurely. If someone's sort of "failing" or "struggling" in's always wise to review the lifestyle for caffeine consumption. Learn more about self sabotage and caffeine in this short video.


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