Building Your 4 Pillars of Strength In Order To Win Any Battle

Nov 09, 2022
I always work on my 4 pillars of strength daily. Those 4 pillars of strength are physical, intellectual, spiritual and financial. it's very obvious that the foe we fight today is not only weak, but it likes to hide behind many different disguises and costumes, so you feel like you're fighting the invisible man. I guarantee you that the foe we fight today is the weakest enemy you'll ever come eye to eye with and that's why they use psychological manipulation to make you enslave/destroy yourself, your children and your own communities. If you simply stop falling for their psychological manipulation-based machinations and stop poisoning yourself (and your own children) this battle ends in less than 24 hours.... with us and God as the victors. The foe is nowhere and everywhere at the same time and although that can be intimidating, that's why I develop all 4 pillars of strength because I know the fight will come in my lifetime and I want to be prepared the best I can. Let's be honest, we are in the heart of the battle with the ultimate evil right here, right now. Evil's petri dish for its foul growth is dependency and this is why dependency is now the primary driving force behind all government policy. Evil never shows up as evil, it shows up as the helper after making you completely dependent and powerless.
If I lose this fight or even if lose my life that's OK. If I lose, it's a perfectly acceptable outcome, especially if some of my preparations fell short in way that I couldn't predict......but at least I prepared. Many people today act, think and talk like children hoping that if they do exactly as the evil tells them and if they just stay quiet long enough and make people pleasing their full-time occupation that maybe evil will allow them to pass through the valley of death unharmed. If a person does that, they're already dead unfortunately and oddly enough evil is requiring that everyone harm or destroy themselves in order to buy a couple more minutes of hedonism inside a soulless corpse......which is no deal at all. I do believe that strengthening all 4 pillars will help either me survive or at least will help the people I love survive. As I man I know why I'm here and I know what why I'm not here. I'm here to protect the defenseless, the female force, the children, the powerless, the innocent, the elderly and the disabled. I'm not here to suck on the tit of evil like a dependent child looking for approval or acceptance so I can bond myself to the earthly pleasures of this realm. I like nice things but I'm not going to trade my soul and spirit for a couple more minutes at the mall, bar or ball game. It disgusts me to the core that many other men have failed this basic charge. But it's never too late for everyone to turn things around and remember who they really are outside the fake titles (and labels) assigned to them by our rotting, evil and dark system of poison/indoctrination-based slavery.
If you're looking to build all 4 pillars of strength, I do that in all my teachings but especially inside my International Self Sabotage Coaching School where I will help you get ready to be strong in all areas of your life. In the process of making you a Certified Self Sabotage Coach I will re-ignite your passion for helping your fellow man and woman. I'll provide you a blueprint to remember who you really are and to reconnect with the real power already living inside of you. Don't think of this as a certification, think of this as a reorganization of your soul, so you can explode into your own life with power, strength and courage. The world awaits your gift. Email me personally if you want the full details. Come work with me, my team and hundreds of others who are rebuilding their 4 pillars of strength.


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