Soundcloud Podcast#53 Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-50904611/podcast-53-jason-christoff-breaking-covid-deception-and-goverment-corruption

Fluoride proven to lower IQ at extremely small quantities – fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/

Fluoride proven to cause cancer – bit.ly/34W86CD

John Taylor Gatto – school teacher of the year in NY City and NY State explains that government school is designed to destroy the imagination and creativity of the children, so they’re easier to control, manipulate and take advantage of as adults – archive.org/details/WeaponsOfMassInstruction

Medical Doctor, Dr. Carrie Madja, explains how deadly the COVID vaccine is designed to be – bit.ly/365Dyxl

List of adverse reported events after flu vaccine….one is death – bit.ly/38bx1nO

As we can see here, what is said to be COVID-19 doesn’t even qualify as a virus because it’s never been sequenced in its full genetic sequence. You need a full genetic sequence of a virus to declare that a novel virus is actually in play for spread, disease infection or to target it with a vaccine. If you don’t have the full virus, what are you testing for and what are you vaccinating against??? bit.ly/2HUrt6s

We can see here that yes, it was Dr. Anthony Fauci again…..who is orchestrating the virus/treatment fraud in 2020…….when he did the exact same thing during the fake HIV/AIDS crisis, which he (and his friends) manufactured out of pure wind and weaponized propaganda – bit.ly/2TTX4Hu

This moral medical doctor explains the HIV/AIDS fraud – bit.ly/3oZGxQW

THE BIG ARTICLE WITH MASSIVE EVIDENCE – read it over carefully – go to all links – watch all videos – your government is lying to you and plans for your demise, regardless of who you are or even if you work for them or not – you will have your paycheck used against you to take the shot – find your voice – spread the word – there is no third option – jchristoff.com/covid-test-doesnt-test-for-covid/

No extra deaths in Ontario during a world wide pandemic??? – bit.ly/2I4jX8s

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