Nov 17, 2021

I have conducted a BRAND NEW online EVENT with both live dates having already taken place January 31st and Feb 7th – recorded for all past & future sign ups. The event focused specifically on weight loss, health problems and solutions. Other topics that have also been addressed include the reduction of fat/cellulite and the improvement of strength, flexibility, and overall family wellness. Although we all want to have perfect health, there are massive self-sabotaging behaviors that get in our way, in regards to adopting healthy habits long term. I ran one of the most successful weight loss centers in Canada for over a decade and I used to train clients one on one for strength, weight loss, diet, disease reversal, and health improvement. I eventually quit all these occupations because self-sabotaging behaviors are psychological. This means you can’t get anyone to lose weight or give up the habits that are killing them, without first addressing the inner self-sabotaging psychology that makes them seek stagnation, failure, struggle, and perpetual chaos inside their own lives.

Without first addressing our self-sabotaging behaviors, nothing works, even if you provide the person with the best exercise, health and diet information. So we’re making sure the cart is behind the horse with this new online live event. I have given you every hidden secret to weight loss, fat burning, toning, exercise, diet, etc…but only after we remove your self-sabotaging psychology first. This new “health” information, which I will provide live at this EVENT, will only be accepted when the subconscious is reprogrammed to feel comfortable inside a healthier and more abundant lifestyle. This is why my BRAND NEW Weight Loss and Health Online EVENT includes both my most recent recordings for both day 1 & 2 of this event, as well as the how to overcome self-sabotage pre-requisite event. This recording (completed in November 2020) was the best overcoming self-sabotage talk I’ve ever given in my life and it is included for FREE in this BRAND NEW Weight Loss and Health recorded event.

With self-sabotage out of the way, you’ll lose the weight, get healthy, gain strength and literally walk effortlessly into your best life. Although your self-sabotage will be surgically removed, you’ll have to learn exactly what to eat, how to exercise and what works best for getting yourself in tip-top shape….. in the shortest time possible. Like all my talks, seminars and articles… I focused on cutting-edge information that’s purposely hidden from you by the people who rule you from behind the green curtain at OZ.

Make no mistake…..I work for you and I want you to be a smashing success in your own life. I want your true power to rise up and I want you to remember just how powerful you really are. We need you healthy, powerful and focused on the important stuff in life. We need this from you today, more so now than ever before in our human history. We need you to lead by example and show everyone around you how change can be mastered in a very short amount of time. I want the best for you and your family. My entire career has been dedicated to helping people achieve greatness. Accomplishing greatness in only weeks can only be manifested using one method, which is THE TRUTH. The shortest distance between two lies IS THE TRUTH. Lots of people out there are frustrated with their weight and their health because they haven’t been getting the truth. That’s all been orchestrated purposely. Now it’s time to embrace your true innate human potential and your true power. This passing January I have gone to even the playing field. Come join our healthy team of empowered souls, who will leave their self-sabotage behind and rocket skyward like the superstar they were always designed to be. Sure some tough times are happening right now worldwide. Let’s face these events with strength, honour, commitment, determination, focus, drive and personal power. Let me show you how.

The online EVENT followed the exact same format as my last online EVENT in November. We have all met live on both Sundays addressing the problems (Jan 31st) and solutions (Feb 7th) regarding long-term health and weight loss. The recording of the ZOOM events will be accessible within your confirmation immediately after purchase. Each talk is 2 hours long plus a 1-hour question and answer period where individuals got the opportunity to ask questions personally. We are always here for our supporters, if you could not attend live you can absolutely reach out any time with any questions you may have. My recently recorded 2020 overcoming self-sabotage event, as well as both days of this new Health & Weight Loss event will be sent to you right away with your enrollment, so you can get started with those amazing video presentations immediately. As an added bonus you’ll also get my recorded talk on financial abundance if you choose package #2. With this financial package, you’re permitted to write me, tell me how much you want to invest, and I will tell you what I would do personally! There’s still time to learn about wealth. even in these challenging times. It’s not too late. It’s always the right time for betterment and personal evolution. As always, if you have any questions at any time, just reach out to me personally at [email protected]. I’m always here for you. Let’s make 2021 the year we take our power back. Let’s rise up together…

Package #1 – If you would like to secure your purchase to this recorded event, which includes access to both previously scheduled online event days via ZOOM plus my last recorded online event that dealt with everything having to do with why we self-sabotage and how to stop it, just click here. It’s all about taking action and working with people who have already walked the path. 

Package #2 – This amazing value package includes access to both recorded event days via ZOOM, my last recorded event that deals with everything having to do with why we self-sabotage and how to stop it, my financial abundance recording (that can come in very handy right now because it deals specifically with cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver plus choice mining stocks)… as well as my 2018 and 2019 recorded events on self-sabotage. Don’t forget that with the financial package, you are permitted to email me personally and tell me how much you have to invest and then I will tell you exactly what I would do with it myself. If you would like this amazing package, just click here. My 2018 talk on self-sabotage reviews how our human farmers conspire to make us self sabotage our own greatness. My 2019 talk on self-sabotage reviews our internal genetic mechanisms that also contribute to our self sabotaging behaviors. Work with me and let me share my experience with you, so you can walk effortlessly to the summit of your best life. Although this package is very inexpensive, we will provide a payment plan as well. We want as many people as possible benefiting from this very simple yet highly effective information.

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