Using The Sun To Block Out The Sun - Evil's Ultimate Plan

Sep 25, 2022
Everything living needs the sun to maintain itself. This is why many ancient cultures honored the sun because nothing survives in the dark. This is also where we get the light vs darkness duality, where the light of the sun equates to life itself and darkness equates to death. Someone is said to be "dark" if they conduct anti life thoughts and anti life behaviors. If someone is said to have a good soul, they support  the life in themselves and the life in others as well. Soul can also be spelled sol, the French or Latin word for the sun. Even the word soldier reflects this simple ancient understanding. Soldier is SOL-DIER, which translates directly to death of the soul, death of the spirit or death of the light because anybody participating in "death ritual" is anti life and anti light by its very definition.
The basic operation of sunlight is simple. Everything on this earth, which is alive, gathers solar energy in someway, shape or form to stay alive. What ever you ate today, you simply consumed something else that in turn gathered sun/solar energy. You're eating sun energy and using that sun/solar energy to power your own you stay alive for a little longer. It's that simple. Everything alive has the ability to collect sunlight and maintain its life through the collection of that solar energy. Without the sun, all life on this planet stops, including you. A plant gathers sunlight through its leaves. An animal can also eat those plants, to gather sun/solar energy for itself. Humans may then eat the plants or the animals to hijack the trapped solar energy stored there. This is the circle of life. Every system on this plant needs a battery full of solar energy to execute its function. But this is something evil knows as well.
Evil people are aware of these basic rules of energy flow or current on this planet. Evil also needs energy to live. Evil systems also need batteries or power packs full of solar energy to power evil as a living system on this planet. Oddly enough, evil is death itself and therefore evil is anti life at every turn. Evil therefore hates the sun because the sun is life itself. But evil also knows that in order to destroy the sun (or life), evil will need to power its plans with the same solar energy it hates, to finally destroy the sun and all life on this planet. Let's call this THE PHILOSOPHY of EVIL. Evil will have to use the life it hates to destroy the life it hates.......and that's what we're seeing happen in the world today.
Evil sees humans as the batteries it needs, in order to destroy life on this planet. The first thing evil needed to do is to grow billions of humans using the sun it despises and fill those humans with a good battery charge....which evil also despises. This of course was extremely hard for evil to stomach, as evil hates each and every human to ever be born. Although evil hates anything living, evils knows that it must use the humans as little solar panels, to store the sun's energy, in order to weaponize that energy against all life on this planet. Evil understands that it must be patient and that sacrifices must be made. Evil knows that it needs to gather solar energy in the humans, to finally destroy the sun and all humans. An odd plan but a plan nonetheless. Once humans are given a good solar charge from the sun, then evil needed to invent money. That was the next step.
Money isn't necessarily bad but it allows evil to store the solar energy of the humans in a form that can be stolen. Money is a word that means "the one and only magic energy" or "the one and only electricity". MON is an ancient short form for moon. There's only one moon. Moon means "one". The word lune means moon in French and this is where we get the words lonely from or lunatic or lunacy...meaning by yourself as one, crazy etc. The "ey" at the end of money sounds like an "E" purposely. E represents the magical 5th element on this planet, which is basically the electricity, the ether or basically God himself. (the invisible energy source on this planet) Money is electric by its very design. Money has the ability to capture someone's labor, value, electricity, energy or work effort.........which can then be stolen by the evil force on this planet. This is why money is also referred to as currency because you need electrical current to power any living thing on this planet, including evil itself or evil's machinery designed to destroy life. This isn't a good way to use money but evil uses everything in a bad way.
As people work (and they can only work when they're powered by the sun) they produce value or work energy. That work energy is then turned into money, a form of theftable electricity. Then evil steals the solar energy gathered by that human and calls it taxes, levies or fees. Evil then gathers the electrical current (through the currency) so evil can power its dark machinations and bring its evil processes to life. Evil lies to the humans that the theft of their gathered solar energy (through fake taxes) is for their own good and that the stolen energy pays for various services for the human energy gatherers. Of course evil lies every step of the way because evil's end goal is using the solar electricity/electric currency gathered by the humans to destroy all life on this planet...including the humans themselves. As the lies fall apart, which they are now, evil believes it will be too far ahead in the game to be stopped. I think evil has grossly miscalculated, as it always does.
If we look out the window today we see all the anti life systems that evil only dreamed of, being funded and powered by this theft of solar energy from the humans themselves. Oddly enough evil is now walking above ground for everyone to see and this puts evil in a very precarious situation. Evil knows that people are now catching on and that evil is 100% real and identifiable. The primary costume evil has always worn to steal the money/electrical solar energy of the humans is GOVERNMENT and the BANKING SYSTEM. These costumes can no longer hide evil's intentions at this point, so evil is aware that the plan to destroy all God's creations on this planet needs to accelerate very quickly and therefore more energy is required immediately to super charge evil's anti life/pro-death agenda for our planet. This is where The WEF phrase "you'll own nothing and be happy" comes from, as evil now needs to super charge its original plans with all stored energy on this planet. Evil needs to steal all remaining life force, work energy, electricity and value (called "savings" and "assets") from the humans who order to electrify, power and super charge the final destruction of this earth and any living cell that remains on it. In short, evil is coming full circle in its original plan (launched long ago) to use the sun (solar energy) to block out the sun. Evil is now in a full gallop regarding its attempt to use life energy to destroy all life energy on this planet. Evil is the word LIVE spelled backwards. That's not a chance happening. The word DEVIL is LIVED spelled backwards. Get it yet? It's all in plain sight.
Every government system (evil LOVES to dress as government) is now aimed at taking away the food, destroying reproductive ability, taking out as many people as possible with the new "medicine", pushing state assisted suicide, making poison mandatory, making human connection illegal, creating fear based states of consciousness that make love impossible and promoting all forms of sex that can never end in procreation. Even in pornography today it's all "in the mouth", "in the bum", "on the face"'s all about anything where no life can possibly come about. Every evil anti life machination now being taught openly in school as well. Evil is even talking openly of spraying the sky with poison to block out the sun....because that's the plan. The plan was always to power the humans with sun energy and then to trick the humans charged with that sun energy to destroy the sun or life itself. And where do you think all the money comes from to convince girls they're boys, convince boys they're girls and to pay for the butchering castration surgeries for the victims of this agenda? Where do you think the billions come from for the injectable poisons, the porn sites, the bribes, the fabricated wars, the pay offs, the fake media stations, the fake fact checkers, the fabricated voting rituals........where do you think the money comes from to fund all this? It comes from you of course. The sun powers you, evil turns your work effort into money, evil steals that money through taxes and evil then steals your savings through stock market manipulations, inflation schemes etc. Let's also not forget about the profits from all the anti life products evil sells you as well.....because you're so miserable being used as a solar panel for evil. Miserable humans love booze, cell phones, drugs, movies, cigarettes, junk food, coffee, fast food, escapism, distraction, materialism and anything else that makes them feel groovy or sedated inside evil's plan. The profit from all those anti life products simply goes back into more energy for the anti life agenda. Evil owns all the companies selling you all the garbage and that profit is cycled back against you. The quests to fund evil's ultimate end game never really end until every last cent of yours is removed. And cent is the same phonetically as "scent" because evil wants to remove any "scent" of you, by removing your last "cent". Evil hates life, hates you, hates your kids, hates this planet and hates the sun. Evil also knows that the destruction of all life only comes at the end of a cycle where life is grown and then that same life is tricking into destroying itself. If you've pushed the poison under your skin because the TV and government told you so, you couldn't be more directly involved in this cycle. A more clever (and evil) plan has never been hatched. The use of sun energy to destroy sun energy. The use of life to destroy life. The use of light to destroy light. The use of good to destroy good. Take a look around, the people tricked into destroying this world are convinced that they're doing good. The people pushing poison into themselves and into their own children believe they couldn't do more good. Get it? It's all there in plain sight. Evil never shows up dressed as evil. Evil shows up dressed as everything its not. Evil even shows up dressed as you, believing you're doing great things. Evil wants your electricity powering its evil machinations.. All our answers are in the past and you better start looking into the past very soon. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure?


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