Avoiding Your Pain Is Tied To Cancer. Here's Why...

Jun 25, 2022

There's some big secrets that are hidden from the public and one of those secrets is what really causes cancer. Our emotions and the conditioned response to put our emotions on the back burner or avoid them altogether (by using chemicals that tranquilize and sedate)...is what really drives the cancer issues in our society today. Cancer used to affect 1 in 30 in 1900 and now that ratio in nearing 1 in 2. What has changed in a little over the last 100 years?

Our society has adopted the stance that pain is a goblin, when it's really a guardian. When pain is seen as a goblin by an entire society, they believe they need to run away from pain and avoid it every time it shows up in our lives. If a person is depressed because they're leading an empty and meaningless existence, they're told to avoid that pain with a pill. If a child finishes last in a race, they're told to avoid that pain by accepting a "participation ribbon". If a child fails at something because they're not wise enough to work harder, the school passes them anyway or the parents make excuses, so the child keeps living in a pain free zone. Even on YouTube now, there's no "thumbs down" button.....because it may cause someone pain, with real world feedback. There are safe zones on University campuses....where grown adults are supposed to be attending? Community standard clauses include the right to take something down if it causes anyone any form of pain (even mental pain)….but why? It's because avoiding pain is now a religion and that new religion is causing a massive sickness tsunami in our society.

We live in a pain avoidance society with one major drawback.....the pain in our lives enters us and stays in our bodies anyway, regardless if we want to invest our resources in not feeling it. If you stepped on a nail, you could indeed take 5 Tylenol to avoid your reality but the nail is still stuck in your foot...regardless if you want to admit it or not. The pain of life enters our nervous systems anyway. If we don't recognize our pain, feel our pain and process (digest) that pain without sedative pain killers...we never poop that pain out. We become constipated in the nervous system with our unprocessed and undigested pain. That undigested pain then rots in our bodies. People who stay in broken relationships, broken jobs and broken systems (like the system of corrupt government even)…..often get cancer the most because they believe pain is a goblin to be avoided. Avoiding pain means you stay stuck in the pain and that proverbial nail stays stuck in your foot, eventually taking down your entire body. Inside the pain are messages and those messages can get you to a much better life...….if you could just develop the bravery to trust the process and feel your pain. You also need to break the societal mind control that teaches you pain is bad and that pain is something to be avoided at all costs.

Our society has been tricked by some very clever people in power, who know all this. This is why there's a pill for every pain. This is also the real reason why there is alcohol, nicotine, sugar and caffeine on every corner. Any population that's dedicated to never feeling their pain, is always sick, dis-empowered and directionless in their own lives...….because the pain is really there to guide them to a better way of being. Avoiding pain not only means we stay in situations that are destroying us, it means that pain piles up in the body and never leaves the nervous system. That undigested pain and unprocessed trauma piles up and rots inside of us. This is the foundational cause of cancer and many other diseases.

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