Ancient Mind Control Being Used Today

Sep 09, 2023
As I describe this one mind control tactic, often used against the public throughout our ancient past, I need to state for the record that an entire manual of ancient mind control tactics are now being used against the population at large. I'll discuss many other ancient mind control tactics in upcoming articles and videos. This is the sort of thing that you have to learn slowly. This particular mind control tactic, which I'll explain today, is something called "activation/inhibition". Let me explain how it works.
The mind processes what it sees on film or on the TV screen, like it's all happening in real time. To the mind, what's on a screen or what's happening in real life, releases the same hormonal changes and reactions in the body. When you watch a scary movie on the TV or at the movies, your heart races and your body reacts like what you're seeing is happening in real time. That's why an entire audience in a movie theater may all jump simultaneously out of their seats, during a scary part of a movie. The act of driving fake emotions into the nervous system is where much ancient mind control begins. This mind control category of "activation/inhibition" is a prime example, where high impact emotions are used to hotwire our brains in a way that benefits the organizers of the mind control.
This sort of mind control isn't complex and can easily be understood by the average person. When you witness something extremely disturbing on film (like death), extreme violence or an act of clinical psychopathy (the act of living a pleasure filled existence with no care for anyone else).... your body reacts like it's real. When the body sees something scary, the real time hormonal reaction of the body is a very loud message of..... "get out of there, danger, danger, defend yourself, react, protect yourself, fight, flight or freeze.....react to the danger right now...go, go, go....right something to protect yourself immediately!!". But then the person just sits there on the couch or in the movie theatre, doing nothing, not reacting to the crisis. This is what was known in the ancient world as black magic. 
In most movies or TV shows, this cycle simply repeats itself. Danger, sit and do nothing. Danger, sit and do nothing. Danger, sit and do nothing. This is the exact effect our human farmers intended the entire time. It's important to understand that what's on our screens isn't entertainment, it's entrainment. It's about training the human nervous system to react in a very particular way to preplanned upcoming events that they wish to roll out in the future. This trauma based reaction to terror, fear and panic has been organized by the people who have ruled us for all of recorded history. From the public hangings and beheadings in the town square, all the way to the Christians getting torn apart by lions in the Italian's the same group orchestrating the same mind control tactics upon the population. There's a ruler's manual for running the human farm and this method of mind control is one of the most important chapters in that manual. Keep the citizens in fear, keep them terrorized and keep them unable to rise up, to react or to defend themselves in the way God designed. 
Within most screen entertainment in our modern time, danger is processed through the mind and the person just sits, doing nothing. More danger, more nothing. More danger, more nothing and more sitting. This teaches the body to sit, as the body is screaming hormonally to either defend itself or run. The more danger is processed through the MIND when watching modern media (the activation of our fight, freeze or fawn system) and the more the BODY doesn't react to that fear.....the more the human is conditioned to do nothing in the future when their life is in danger. That's the goal and that's not good for Joe and Jane Public. 
Fear, terror and panic-based media releases therefore become a conditioning tool that separates MIND function from BODY reaction. This is the "activation/inhibition" cycle of slave manipulation. The fear is activated purposely by our ancient social engineers who operate all Hollywood screen production from behind the green curtain at OZ and anyone sitting through the panic, fear and terror teaches themselves to sit and do nothing......therefore inhibiting that fear reaction. This goes on so long that the human test subjects can no longer protect, defend or even react to the most obvious dangers to themselves or their families. The average person doesn't understand whatsoever that anything violent and terrifying on the screen has been intensified purposely over the last 4 decades, in order to accomplish this effect. First this ancient group conditions the public to not react to danger in this manner and then the ruling group attacks the public, who are weakened into a herd of easily culled human cattle. That is what's happening today in real time. The public is in the most danger they'll ever face in their lives...and yet they can't react. No greater evil has ever faced humanity in recorded history.
In the end, our social engineers have worked our current population into a mind-controlled position where our psychopathic misleaders can walk above ground and execute the gravest evils imaginable because very few are reacting to these very obvious dangers. As the Canadian government started to euthanize Canadians en masse with a fake COVID vaccine, I moved to another country in a hurry. Most Canadians stayed, unable to react to the danger and not because they were born weak or inept........but because they are under this form of an ancient mind control spell. 
Have you noticed medical doctors killing their patients during COVID? Have you noticed politicians killing their citizens during COVID? Have you noticed teachers telling children in their care that there's more than 2 genders? Have you noticed people lining up to kill themselves at vaccine clinics, even though it's obvious that danger and the greatest evil is afoot? Of course you noticed and now you know how all this was accomplished. This and a couple other mind control tricks have been used upon an uninformed public. These tricks are famous throughout history for hotwiring the human mind and programming the human to do anything, from killing their own kids to killing themselves. The TV and movie screens aren't there for the reasons you believe. The people ruling you aren't who they say they are. Something else much older and much more sinister is afoot. Knowing about mind control and how it works is very important for protecting yourself from future mind control attacks coming down the pipe. COVID was not a random event. COVID was a step in a stairway of 1000 steps, all part of an ancient plan to gain full control of the order to accomplish a goal that most people wouldn't believe, even if I tried to explain it calmly. Why even try to explain the end goal when most people can't even react to the most basic dangers? Regardless, there is still much hope. 
Our handlers are well aware that the slaves who volunteer for this psychic conditioning at the cineplex (SIN-eplex) can no longer react effectively to danger and that the viewer's mind is now separated from the body, on many different subconscious levels. The slave smokes cigarettes (or engages in another self-destructive addiction), knows it's dangerous yet doesn't react. The slave becomes overweight, processes the danger of a painful and premature death yet doesn't react. The media super slave sees the government taking their rights away yet doesn't react. The human sees the dangers when a government hands out poisons and calls those poisons health care yet doesn't react. Joe and Jane Coffee Shop see that they're spending way more money than they could ever pay back yet they don't react. People see that the water they need to survive is being poisoned with fluoride yet they don't react. People see the doctor making their children sicker with every "well child" visit yet they don't react. People often see that their marriage partner is about to walk out the door due to marital neglect, yet the offending spouse can't react or change course to save the marriage union. The average person knows that their own government orchestrated 9/11 and yet they don't react. People know tax is theft and that the government is now using that taxation to fund a massive worldwide genocide campaign using a fraudulent COVID narrative made of pure wind......yet they don't react. Mike and Michelle Mask Wearer know that having a surgeon cut their own organs out can't logically make them healthier in anyway yet they don't react when their doctor suggests that they also cut out their own organs. Everything the average person engages with daily either steals their health through state sanctioned poisoning or steals their wealth through government theft........yet they don't react. This list can be a thousand items long or even longer.
This mind control system revolves around conditioning the average person to see danger and then also conditioning them to sit there doing absolutely nothing, as that wave of danger drowns them where they stand because they can't convince their brain to swim in the opposite direction. This is the "activation/inhibition mind control tactic" in a nutshell and now you'll see it everywhere because it is everywhere. Canadians and Australians have some of the worst cases of this mind control programming unfortunately, as both country governments are now actively engaging in state sanctioned murder of their respective populations....and yet most of the public keep ignoring the genocide, paying their taxes that will eventually be used to murder them and most are mustering very little effort to vacate the kill zones. Talk about not reacting.  Lots of this inaction is because of the activation/inhibition mind control cycle. It's all happening because the public was first conditioned to believe that their screens were technology designed to inform them and to entertain them. Your TV and movie screens are bonified weapons of war and the war is against you and your family. They made you weak and now they're coming forward, in order to follow through with the other steps in their ancient plan. This is most likely a good time to reassess if you'll react or not. I suggest reacting, lots of reacting. 
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