Cult Acceptance Through Suffering

Sep 07, 2022
Manipulating human behaviors, thoughts and beliefs is as old as history itself. The easiest person to manipulate is the person who believes they can't be manipulated, which of course is a very large percentage of the population today. As we see today, there's some "big picture" behaviors and belief manipulations going on. In the world of mind control it's well known that the bigger the manipulation, the harder it is for the average person to  recognize and defend themselves from it. One BIG PICTURE public manipulation that's up-ramping today is CULT ACCEPTANCE THROUGH SUFFERING.
The base of human manipulation can be found in the pack animal design of our species. Most animal species do operate in the same fashion. Our primary genetic drive is safety and survival. This primary genetic drive can be achieved to a greater degree if we're in groups. This is why being accepted by a group, herd or flock is very important to most people. This is why there are sports teams, political parties and even why women often travel in pairs to the bathroom at a restaurant. There's safety in numbers and humans love feeling safe. Safety and survival is our primary genetic function. The odd part about our safety seeking genetic design is that humans are proven to do anything to fit into the crowd, especially if we're really afraid and if not fitting in appears to have dire consequences. Fitting in doesn't have to be logical, rational or even make our lives better. You would think that our need to fit in would have some checks and balances to guard against any unsafe, unhealthy or fatalistic behaviors.........but it doesn't. Humans can easily be tricked to fit into anything, even if doing so actually kills them. Odd but true. Most people today are literally DYING TO FIT IN. It's a very old ruling man's trick.
So back to the big picture group behavior today that I call CULT ACCEPTANCE THROUGH SUFFERING. We see this suffering motif in many conventional institutions throughout our society. One of our most popular religions is about the primary icon suffering in order for betterment to occur. This suffering for betterment is at the foundation of most people's behavior today but they really don't know where it comes from. This is why so much of the public were willing to do illogical and irrational things over the past 2.5 years because self imposed rituals of suffering were transposed over the public as the most efficient way to find safety in the bigger herd. If you block your own breathing pathway with a piece of cloth or a toxic mouth covering made of blue plastic're suffering. There's no two ways about it. You're suffering. You're dying faster. Your cells are dying faster. It hurts you on some level. You're suffering. But this suffering was re-framed by our human farmers as the most efficient way to gain hierarchy in the bigger group. Injecting poison was another way to suffer publicly. Even when the news finally came out that the poison was indeed poison and that it offered no protection against anything other than living a long healthy life........many people still psychologically declared injecting the poison as beneficial because it helped them find safety with all the other people who injected the poison. Again group behavior has no logic function in our subconscious minds. Locking yourself in your own home, helping to shut down the local economy by cheering on the closure of local businesses (as the big box stores were allowed to stay open), increasing depression in our youth, (like they didn't have enough depression to begin with because most adults today are group acceptance obsessed people pleasers with no morality or ethics), not seeing our dying parents in sick care homes, giving away our basic humans rights that we need to be healthy, happy and satisfied on the was all based on suffering to gain group acceptance. The Liberal Party in Canada and The Democrats in the US, if studied with this in mind, cater heavily to disconnected souls who believe suffering is where the benefit lies. The greater the suffering, the more they feel safe. You can see how this can and is back firing in our modern world. There's so much of this going around, that now happy, healthy and satisfied people are being attacked for not suffering enough. It's pure inversion and it's designed to be such. It's how ruling men destroy societies during very obvious take over attempts.
The point here is that humans are easily hacked, regarding their behaviors and beliefs. This has been going on a very long time. We're all being manipulated in a way where self imposed suffering is framed as a badge of honor. The people who suffer the most get the red carpet kicked out for them and are given the lime light at every turn. This creates a race to the bottom effect for the growing number of victim mentality addicted suffering types, who can't destroy themselves and their children fast gain safety inside a dysfunctional herd. The big psychological trick in play here is that there's no safety in being your worst, making yourself sick, making your kids sick, making yourself depressed, making yourself dependent or making yourself financially destitute.
In short, the people ruling us know that there's no long term checks and balances in our genetic group safety system to blend in with the majority. We'll follow the herd or follow the stars or follow our misleaders right off a cliff very easily.....if we're promised safety for doing so. We're destroying ourselves for safety reasons that don't exist. Are you gaining cult acceptance through perpetual suffering? Do you find that when you refuse to suffer people openly attack you in order to bring you back to the bottom of the crab bucket where all the super suffering types congregate and hug each other in fear? How much longer do you think our society can survive when the only things that are celebrated are suffering, disease, decay, depression, dysfunction and dis-empowerment? The solution is simple. You live in a society where you'll always be given more rewards, incentives, support, celebration, pay cheques, awards and promotions when you're an absolute human wreck. Refuse to participate because there's no safety there at all. It's a trap. Save yourself, save your kids, save your community. It's now or never unfortunately. Everyone push at once.


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