A Story About Me...….

Jan 03, 2022
That's me at the bottom of this article in the picture in Santorini Greece....healthy, unaddicted, un sedated. No coffee, no steroids, no cocaine, no alcohol, no junk food, no meds, no vaccines, no growth hormone, no medical check ups, no family doctor, no abusive exercise regimes, no late nights, no drugs ......no confusion, no depression, no sickness, no drama, no emotional roller coasters, no spiritual, physical or financial debt. Now, I wasn't always like this of course.
If you met me 23 years ago (I'm 51 today), I was doing the opposite of everything listed above. I was fully inverted. Immoral to the core of my very being. Destruction of the body was a daily ritual, to extract every ounce of pleasure possible from it. Not a care for anyone in the world, including myself. A complete disrespect for all life, starting at ground zero, which was my own body and soul. A full fledged Satanist living a full satanic lifestyle and being so stupid that I didn't even know that satanism existed, let alone having any idea that I was initiated long ago as a card carrying member, living inside a society that was embracing more and more satanic doctrine as each day passed. I was taught by our culture that extracting never ending personal pleasure at the expense of destroying everything around you, including yourself, was the most acceptable living philosophy of the satanic herd. In order to fit into an insane society, you need to be insane....and I took on that challenge with extreme vigor and pride. To a room full of insane people, a sane person looks insane...….and I had no intention of standing out.
As Mark Passio once said, "I wore a t-shirt that said ME ME ME....ALL DAY....EVERYDAY". It was all about me. I was disconnected from everyone around me because I was disconnected from myself. I only cared for what I could get out of others, because I only cared about what I could get out of myself. I was infected with the very common self serving, shallow, self involved, immoral, unethical and hedonistic North American mind virus. Everyone around me was equally infected. We all rejoiced in an orgy of perpetual death ritual. I prayed at the altar of our societal death cult by embracing money, greed, corrupt politics, toxic science, poisonous medicine and tyrannical government. The wars that raged across the world reflected the war raging inside of me and vice versa. As is above, so is below. The more corrupt I became, the easier life got because in the death cult, the system is designed to move the shit to the top.
Then something happened, my health started to fail at only 29 years of age. Then I started to connect the dots. I started to learn about fear and how fear changes the mind and how fear is used against all of us, to make us stop thinking and to have us embrace fitting in as our primary concern.....even if fitting in makes us conduct immoral and unethical lifestyles. All unhealthy habits are part of a very large catch basket of behaviors that a person in fear manifests, as they try to adapt to an insane environment. The steroids I took were to make me appear tough but because I decided to look tough (to cover my fear), I never worked on really becoming tough on the inside and discovering my true self-hood. By injecting myself with steroids, I tried to get something worth getting, without doing all the leg work that a normal person had to do to attain it. That's called being lazy and that was me of course.....acting as a true Satanist does. Inept, lazy, shallow, short sighted, self serving, self centered and lost. The soulless North American meat bag. I think that was a bumper sticker on the big luxury car I used to drive around. This wide spectrum of self destructive behavior is called "dying to fit in"...…literally.
The coffee, cocaine, alcohol, junk food and sugar that I fired into my body was in order to sedate to my fear, pain and trauma. Living inside an insane society will do that to a person. So again, instead of being brave enough to go out and change the world I lived in, I decided to hide away from my true vocation by sedating myself into a state of chemical lobotomy. Not only was I welcoming of the pain killing illusion that my human farmers wanted me to live in, I would actually spend my own hard earned money to poison myself into a zombie like existence. So the social engineers who run our society purposely placed me in pain upon my arrival to this planet and instead of me being brave enough and rebelling against them, I allowed them to poison me and steal my money, because I would go out of my way to buy the poisons they smuggled into my community. Everything from the junk food on the grocery store shelves to the free "injectable medicine" clinics and from the narcotics sold in the alley to a coffee shop on every corner...…they're all connected arms of tyrannical governance, masquerading as separate operations. Those sneaky bastards. And they almost got me. It was close but one day I started to think again and my brain turned back on, after years of government orchestrated indoctrination, propaganda and chemical lobotomy. Then one day I just decided to resign from the death cult. That's when I started to support life instead of destroy it. I started to support the life in myself and in others.
On that day, I said to myself, "screw this …..everyone dies. I'm not going out being some Illuminati ruling family Masonic hand puppet that's so desperate to fit in that I run around killing myself in order to decorate my empty, shallow and soulless life." So I changed. 180 degree turn around. True story. Power to the people. If I did it, you can do it to. We need you out here. One life. One time at bat. Swing for the fences. Clean up, get healthy, reject all ruling family poison and get moving toward supporting life, love and connection. I have some programs on my website jchristoff.com that can help get you where you need to go. See you over there.


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