A Society Of Cowards Or A Society Under Mind Control?

Apr 08, 2023
Why do many sit there as their culture and future burns around them? Do we live in a nation of cowards or is there something else going on? Here's three mind control-based reasons why some folks have been brainwashed into simply watching the destruction of their own society without doing too much to stop it.
1. Facilitation/Inhibition - humans have a fight or flight reaction system, in regards to danger. This system is  proven to not know the difference between danger in real life, on the screen or if the danger is imagined. So as your watching a violent movie your fight or flight system screams for you to run or fight. That's the facilitation part. Movie goers (and TV watchers) sit and force themselves to do nothing because they know it's just a movie on the screen.....but their nervous system doesn't know that. That's the inhibition part. This cycle of going into fear and doing nothing about it gets programmed into the nervous system (by watching all these hyper violent movies and TV shows) to the point where most people can't react to danger anymore. All the scary TV shows and movies have been purposely made by our human farmers to program the masses with this mind control result, of doing nothing when they're in mortal danger.
2. Cremation of Care Rituals - also when faced with a traumatic event, like watching a scary movie or TV show, the nervous system has to dull its "care function" in order to get by the event without frying the entire nervous system. If this "care shut down reaction" is facilitated too many times, through the watching of trash fire Hollywood fear flicks, the care system can become permanently inhibited. That means the screen watcher ends up with no ability to care about anything or anybody, including themselves. Just look out the window. It's all right there. Walmart shoppers in their PJ's, overweight folks, thieves, addicts, politicians serving their citizens up to evil for pennies on the dollar etc. Their care is missing and you can thank good old "cremation of care rituals" for that. The screen sorcerers in Hollywood know the black magic. The people who rule us know that trauma, fear or torture can be shown through our screens, to get the exact same effect on the viewer's nervous system compared to the viewer being tortured in real life.
3. The Government School System - the government school system is a very simple military style brainwashing structure, which programs all students to be obedient order followers and to believe that their only virtue is to repeat false information told to them by corrupt authority figures and to regurgitate various lies on demand for tidbits of positive reinforcement. This is how military personal are also programmed into stone cold killers for the ruling 1%. Free thought is punished and reflexive obedience is rewarded in this education/military slave training system. This structure of brainwashing produces a hyper compliant population who will do anything they're told. Many were told to sit quietly in line and destroy themselves and their children with whatever the TV said was best. All these 3 mind control tactics were involved in making the great human lion into a hyper obedient lamb for sacrifice.
They're coming again in the early fall so break out of your programming and prepare yourself to say NO this time, instead of saying YES to your own destruction.


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