Nov 19, 2021

You don’t need to lock people in prisons (if you wish to enact full tyrannical control over a population), you simply need to change the environment in which the human lives and they will do it for you. All psychology experts understand that if you force any animal to do anything, that animal will resist. The key to psychological manipulation is to actually modify the living environment of the animal, as to make the animal act out your wishes voluntarily. It’s more than obvious that all world governments are engaging in this exact form of psychological manipulation upon all its citizens.

First you convince the public that every other human is a threat to their life, so this makes people afraid to be outside with others. Second, you make the people wait in line outside stores in blazing heat and soon to be freezing temperatures….so again it inhibits people leaving their own homes. Third, you make people wear masks, which makes even more people give up going out into the public and encourages more people to shop online, to never leave their homes. Fourth, you get people used to working from home, telling them it’s too dangerous to leave their house. Fifth step…..you make travel harder and harder with check points, paper work, police harassment, tracking technology and tell people if they come into contact with a sick person (based on a fake test) that they have to say home and even leave their own home for quarantine elsewhere, in order to protect their own family from a disease never proven to exist. Sixth step……if you want to go out in 2021 you’ll need to take a kill shot vaccine that’s designed to cripple or euthanize you within 7 days. Step seven, you enact so many inverted policies that more than half the businesses go bankrupt…so now there’s even fewer reasons to leave the house.

And that’s the psychology required, in regards to changing a human’s living environment, to make most people eventually lock themselves in their homes……making them prisoners voluntarily. Something a tyrannical government has always dreamed of doing but they also know they could never have done it unless they could trick the public into doing it to themselves. Why would a ruling group want everyone locked in their own homes, to make themselves prisoners? Go watch how a real jail works and how the controllers dominate every aspect of a prisoner’s life and you’ll have your answers. That’s when the prison guards control what food and water comes into your house. That’s when you’re in trouble…..

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