5 Ways To Prep Moving Forward

Feb 17, 2022
1. There's an attack on males, male power and male protection of the female, the children, the seniors and the disabled. The weaker the men, the more trouble our society will be in. Learn about this attack on men and also learn how men can find their way again. https://bit.ly/3eQn29u
2. There's an open conspiracy between ruling groups masquarding as government, media, NGO's (non government organizations), medicine, science, banking etc to implement a technocratic form of slavery, unlike anything ever seen on this planet. The amount of misery, pain and death that will come from this will be brand new to the human psyche. Humanity, connection, love, reproduction, families, independence, self determination and life itself are the targets. The primary foundations of this agenda will to implement this new form of techo slavery rapidly and forcefully using fabricated excuses in the realms of a) climate change b) public health c) gender and d) equality/equity. One aspect of this attack is banning all personal ownership of cars, in order that your transportation options are completely controlled, which means you need to be "sterilized" to ride the public transport. What this means is that they will dose you into oblivion. Once this is announced, your cars will be worthless overnight. If you have an expensive car, sell it this year and start moving toward something less luxurious to avoid this ambush. Also fight this system of slavery, where you can, by supporting truth telling and becoming a truth teller yourself. https://bit.ly/3HxmVvD
3. Your TV and movie screens are military weapons, proven to lead/form your behavior, ideas and beliefs. Everything sold to you as normal or beneficial inside this new techo slavery system will be programmed into your mind using very simple mind control tactics, all rocketing out of the TV, movie screen, print media and radio. Unless you know how mind control, brainwashing and behavior modification operate.......you'll always go along with the herd, right of the cliff's edge. You will always cheerlead the techo slavery if you don't know how any of this works. I have a program that can teach adults, children and seniors everything they need to know about brainwashing and mind control. Learn about it, so you can protect yourself from its clever hijacking of your mind. You can also learn from their mind control tactics what they're trying to do in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and farther down the road.......so you can make better decisions for you and your family. https://bit.ly/3zrdmLT
4. Regardless if you work in a corporation or for the government, your pensions are already gone. They're trying to use the "medicine mandates" to literally remove people on pensions or people set to receive those pensions...….because if you're not there and your spouse isn't there, you can't collect any of the pensions. That takes care of some people but not all. As for anyone who makes it through the medicine mandates, the amount of debt the government is piling into this narrative made of pure wind is designed to be the catalyst for a world wide announcement that "because of the fight against an imaginary enemy, the pensions have to be used in the fight against said enemy"...…and then the powers that shouldn't be get to cover up that the pensions were looted over 30 years ago, as funding to prepare for this preplanned attack. Small business bankruptcies are also preplanned with the fabricated lockdowns, to add to the mounting debt, which will again trigger a prefabricated excuse as to why the pensions can't be paid.....even though those exact pensions have been missing for 30 years anyway. If you think you have a pension coming to you or if you're getting one currently and think it will continue, you're wrong and you're in trouble. If you're still walking above ground that's great but you need to get a payout of your pension if possible in the next 3 years....or you simply won't ever get it. So play what ever games you need to play but get paid out, hang on to that money and read the next point. https://bit.ly/31tRL9m
5. Liquidate everything you don't need into cash and simply wait for the biggest crash in economic history, which will occur in the next 1-3 years. Don't let the fabricated big returns in the markets fool you and make you keep driving your finances in there. Those big returns are bait because the slavery system will include you having very little wealth or capital to maneuver with.....and the big crash is already planned, to flush as much wealth of the common person away down the toilet. Saying that, I do endorse some inflation hedges, which can be observed in the article attached to this point. It's the most tricky game in economic history, trying to preserve wealth because of a preplanned inflationary attack and also trying to get out of the inflationary hedges before the big crash is triggered by the push of the button behind the green curtain at OZ. Good luck because the only people who know all the answers are the corrupt and evil non humans entities orchestrating this entire agenda from on high. https://bit.ly/3mUOtn8
Also if you would like to know exactly who you're dealing with with these agendas or what the end goals are, watch this documentary to start. https://bit.ly/3JCURcd


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