5 Things To Master Now So Next Year Is Amazing

May 26, 2024

1. You must learn how to use the legal farmwork in the current tax system, in order to pay zero or very little tax. This is an idea that scares people the most.......keeping the money they earn themselves, simply because the government has stolen their money from them for so long. Due to this illogical fear, the average person becomes afraid to rise up and keep their own money legally. Most people just feel more comfortable giving their money away because it's all they've ever done. For US and CAD citizens, I teach this in my POWER IN YOU PROGRAM. If you click here, you can see a man in the US speak of exactly that.......he pays ZERO taxes. He explains how and why he makes this his personal mission. It's only scary for people who are afraid to rise up. We teach about this natural fear of the unknown and how to overcome it in the program. 

2. You will need to learn about the mind control programming that keeps people racing to the bottom with their health. Without health, you have no potential to grow and prosper anywhere else in your life. The people ruling us know that and this is why life is nothing more than one poisoning event after another for most folks. Most people today just get sicker and fatter and sicker and fatter.......and they don't understand where all the weight and diseases are coming from. They certainly don't understand why they can't stop gaining weight and getting sick, given no one wants to be heavy and diseased. Mind control is that powerful. It can make you do things that don't make any logical sense and things that only make your life worse. It's all based on slave-based mind control..........so you'll need to learn about that as well. 

3. Once you learn how government and media mind control keeps you racing to the bottom of the barrel in life, in regards to everything you do in a day (including your health).......only then can you reprogram for success in all areas. After you start reprogramming for success in all areas, you're going to have to know how to power your journey forward.......which will always include making great strides in your personal health status. What products are the healthiest, what habits are the healthiest, how can I become healthy in the shortest amount of time possible, how can I lose weight, what's the safest way to exercise etc etc. I teach all that inside all my programs........including THE POWER IN YOU.

4. Once you get healthy and start legally keeping more of your money for yourself and your family, then it's time to start your own business. Yes you most likely have a job currently, so we start what's called a side hustle, which is completely possible. After that, you'll start earning more and keeping more and smiling more. Then you need to start investing your money wisely in assets that will always grow in value.....in order that eventually, you can just work a little less and maintain your healthy lifestyle. Yes, we teach all that too.

5. After your start rising up to your full potential, you'll instantly feel threatened and afraid, simply because you're in a much smaller group for the first time and because you're so used to struggle. After becoming so much better than your previous self, you sort of miss your old lifestyle of mediocrity and crisis. This internal pressure, to get back to the struggle and chaos you're used to, is an invisible drive in all people. It's natural, so you don't need to feel like you're broken. Saying that, this is why you need to learn about group pressure mind control, in order that you continue straight up success mountain. We also teach you how not to throw yourself back down to the bottom of the crab bucket, by your own hand. We teach you how to avoid the self-sabotage that finds most people when they become better. This is really important stuff. 

Now if you do all that, things will be booming for you in 2025. I teach all aspects of this for adults and youth, ages 13-22. Yes, the youth program is way different than the adults. Of course it is. The class is already half full and right now you have only 10 days to make it into the program. It's inexpensive (using the payment plan), it's rapid and it's highly effective at making sure you make these big (but simple) changes in your life. Click here to join the adult program. Click here to join the youth program. See you on opening day. As they say, invest in yourself. That investment will pay out big time now and even bigger in the future. 


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