5 Things To Make Work In 2023

Jan 02, 2023
1. Hiding From The Sun Doesn't Work - if you read the book "The Healing Sun" by Richard Hobday, you will understand that your body is designed to become stronger and smarter in the sun. Working against our natural design doesn't work, so get in the sun in 2023 (don't burn of course) and make your body work in accordance with its natural design.
2. Eating Food From A Factory Doesn't Work - your body is built from natural material. We eat because we need to constantly rebuild our body with natural material. If you eat science toxins and chemicals, your body will fall apart because your knee isn't made from Doritos and your skin isn't made of science. Read Paul Chek's book "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" in 2023 and start working with your natural design.
3. Working Meaningless Jobs Because They Appear To Pay A Bit More Doesn't Work - depression is rampant in our society these days because we're working against our natural design. We're not meant to live out our lives ignoring our unique talents, passions and personal goals. Working futile and meaningless jobs, so you can go on living a life you don't like living, doesn't work. This cycle will often end in an emotional and spiritual depression because everyone has a unique reason why they're here. Read Dr. Kelly Brogan's book, "A Mind Of Your Own" to start moving out of your depression, if you happen to be feeling that way. And even if you make $120,000 per year in Canada at a "job", the government steals 55% in taxes, levies and fees (either directly at the source or through service/product taxation) so your $120,000 is down to $54,000 and with the government facilitated hyper inflation, your $54,000 now has the spending power of $46,000. The point should be obvious. There's no safety or security when the force ruling over you can steal your money at will or inflate your spending power away at anytime because they like you weak and powerless. Zero safety there. Don't be fooled. Get independent and get moving away from this system one step at a time.
4. Sitting Down And Watching A Screen Doesn't Work - everything from brain damage to depression is directly linked to watching a screen. We're not meant to watch other people or fake characters live the good life on a screen, in order that fake feel good emotions rip through our nervous systems and make us falsely believe that we're living a full satisfying life. TV is proven to make our brains believe we're doing exactly what the character on the screen is doing because our brains fire in the exact same way as our characters are acting on the screen. This means we can become tricked into believing that we're living an amazing life, as we sit rotting on the couch. Watch the documentary, "Psuedology - The Art of Lying" to fully understand that watching a screen isn't going to work for you or anyone, regarding anything having to do with you living a better life in 2023. Ditch the idiot box.
5. Living Your Life According To The Killer Calendar Doesn't Work - the killer calendar concept is simple. Every 6-8 weeks the people who rule you put an event on your calendar so you poison yourself and give them your money. This keeps you dumb and broke. It's time to stop doing what everyone else is doing and wondering why you're as depressed, broke and out of shape as everyone else. Eating junk food or drinking booze (and spending money you don't have) every 6-8 weeks because the calendar told you to......doesn't work. You can't fight the system when you energize the system with your money or when you eat the poisons the system provides for you. If you follow the killer calendar, you're the system that you say you're fighting. Start living according to your natural design in 2023 and your life will get better. True story.


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