5 Telling First Dates With A New Prospect - Increase Your Chances Of A Successful Relationship

1. Bring them to eat and see if they eat healthy. If they can't take care of themselves properly (regarding their own health), they won't often be able to take care of you properly. The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. Care is a single vibration. Care is learned on our home field. If we can't care for ourselves properly, we can't care for others properly. You can't give what you don't have. You can't pour from an empty cup.
2. Bring them to the gym and see if they put their weights away after they're done. If they won't put their weights away at the gym, it means that their mother picked up for them too much in their youth and you'll be required to take the place of the mother/care giver/adult in the new relationship as well. Watch them, don't say anything and let them be themselves. Pressuring them to be something they're not will back fire long term. Watch them in their natural environment (without you trying to guide their behavior with any rewards or punishments) and keep a close eye out for an adult who thinks, acts and talks like a child. Real ADULTS aren't bad BOYS or bad GIRLS.....they're ADULTS and you don't want to be a mother to a bad BOY or a father to a bad GIRL. Why take care of children when you're looking for an adult partner to move ahead with.
3. Bring them around children. If they get down on one knee and look the child eye to eye, it means they know how to connect to make children feel safe, worthwhile and included. If a person is willing to put out the effort to make children feel safe and included, they'll also put out the effort to make you feel safe. If the person is a natural care giver, it will be obvious in short order.
4. Bring them to eat and watch their consumption of alcohol. People who can't deal with first date pressure without the sedative and tranquilizing effect of alcohol, won't often be able to handle real life pressures without the sedative effect of many other sedative substances. It takes courage to connect on a first date without hiding behind sedative and tranquilizing chemicals that take the nervous system off line. Look for courage in a new partner, not compliance to outdated and unhealthy societal constructs.
5. Bring them anywhere, over longer periods, and watch for coffee consumption (or other forms of caffeine consumption). Coffee activates low IQ by over stimulating the fight or flight system, otherwise known as the limbic system. Coffee also activates a part of the brain that has very little ability to judge the long term consequences of its actions. Coffee stimulates the production of aggressive, irrational and illogical compounds in the blood. Coffee is good at making a boring life feel groovy and it's also great for making humans do boring tasks longer. In the end, it's always best to look for someone who has access to their higher IQ centers and who has full control over their basic impulses. Don't be afraid to raise your deserve level in regards to your next partner. Don't take any bus going by. Wait for the bus that's going to take you where you want to go.
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