5 protocols to keep father time just a couple steps behind ....

I will be 53 this March and father time impacts me as much as anyone else. I do look my age and I am indeed aging but here are some of the protocols I use to keep father time just a couple steps behind me....
1. I eat organic 95% of the time. This help keep toxic pesticides and chemicals at lower concentrations. Chemicals and toxins age the body faster because the body needs to utilize valuable energy and nutrition resources for removing the toxins. That energy and nutrition are supposed to stay in your body to keep you young. That's why all chemicals and toxins age you prematurely.
2. I get to bed on by 10:30 95% of the time. The body repairs itself from 10 onward and if you're not sleeping by 10 or 10:30, the repair cycles are interrupted or don't happen at all and that means you age faster because your body can't repair what got damaged the day before if you don't get proper sleep.
3. I get in the sun without toxic sunblock. Vitamin D is actually proven to be a steroid hormone and that means sunbathing is an anti-aging ritual. Don't burn, don't overdo it and don't use sunblock because blocking the sun isn't something the body is used to dealing with. If you're working in the sun for more than 30 minutes and can't help it. use a non-toxic full spectrum sunblock.
4. I use non-toxic hair pomade from John Masters Organics. I believe this is why my hair has kept its natural color until this age. I believe the organic oils protect my hair from free radical damage. I do not dye my hair. Never have.
5. I don't use non-stick pans when I cook, as non-stick materials are super toxins and age the body extremely quickly. Watch the documentary about Teflon called "The Devil We Know".
I have a massive list of products and services I use to eliminate toxins and chemicals from my habits, rituals and household environment. If you would like that complete list, with links to the products, please email me at [email protected] If you're already on my email list, don't send again and I will send this list out in the next email. Have a fantastic day. I'm now in the capital of Lithuania and it's mind blowing how beautiful this city is. WOW! You get one body to live that one best life in, so take care of your body at all times.


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