5 Important Ways To Improve Your Life In 2023

Jan 01, 2023
1. Quit Coffee - caffeine lowers IQ, causes brain damage to higher IQ areas of the brain complex (prefrontal lobe), increases heart attack and stroke risk (like anyone needs more heart attack and stroke risk down here in Satan's realm), caffeine increases depression and makes your shitty life feel groovy. The bad news is that the only way to change your shitty life is to feel how shitty it really is....so quit the coffee, feel the sting of your shitty life and then use that shitty feeling to build a better life. It's not rocket science. https://bit.ly/3Z4Gg12
2. Quit alcohol - alcohol lowers your lifespan in any amount consumed, alcohol causes cancer, alcohol causes brain damage and it also helps decorate an empty, directionless and soulless existence. Adult up, level up and face your empty life FULL ON without any sedative or tranquilizing compounds. You can handle the hard day. When you grow up and practice the skill of handling "a hard day" you develop the skill to facing all your hard days. You're going to need that skill to build your best life. https://bit.ly/3IgdXXi
3. Quit Watching TV and Movies - watching a screen is actually scientifically proven to cause brain damage in the high IQ centers of the brain. https://bit.ly/3WVuWlL That should be enough but the TV and movie screens are also proven to modify your behavior, regarding what repetitive content is placed on the screen. The repetitive content purposely placed on your screens today is all shitty, negative, death centric and child like content. TV is junk food for the mind and will destroy your mental state... in the exact same way that junk food will destroy your physical state. Stop investing your own time and your own money in making yourself less. Make yourself more this year by removing what's destroying you. No one is coming to save you, it's just you. Take the diaper off, check your date of birth, we're not children anymore and get on with becoming a fully functional adult member of the tribe. Adults are providers, children are takers. If you're watching TV and movies it means someone else somewhere has to do the work you're not doing.....which means you're a burden on the tribe. If you're not providing service, you're a taker. Our society now has too many takers and not enough providers. That's why it's collapsing. Become a provider and save the very society you live in. https://bit.ly/3jHtq8C
4. Get Away From Unmotivated, Addicted and Dependent/Child Like People - humans learn through what they see. 90% of all learned behavior is based on the visual mimicking and emulating of those around you. It's already been proven that if our friends are overweight, we will be overweight, simply to fit in and gain tribal acceptance in the overweight hierarchy. https://bit.ly/3Q5lA4I That goes for wealth, health, drinking, smoking, complaining, working meaningless jobs, cheating our your partner.....everything. But wait, like a bad infomercial.....there's more. There's something called "The 100th Monkey Syndrome" which proves that there's an invisible wireless internet that connects all people. https://bit.ly/3WFbhXB The internet signal is strongest from the people around you and your body is proven to mimic the signals coming from the people in your immediate area. If you're surrounded by underachieving average types, you won't only mimic them through visual cues, your body will pick them up wirelessly and mimic them on a cellular level. Your tribe sets your vibe. If you want to soar with the eagles, it's time to stop partying with the turkeys. You'll be what you see. It's just that simple, so start seeing better stuff if you want to become better. Most people stopped dreaming about "becoming better" decades ago.... so toss those useless bastards overboard (being figurative here) and start surrounding yourself with people who still know how to dream of a better day, outside the government and media poison/indoctrination based control grid.
5. Embrace Real Health - get the book by Paul Chek "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy." Read it. That's it. Now, if you have a hard time fighting the mind control programs inserted into your behavior pathways by big brother and media, where you'll actually feel afraid of becoming better, get on my email list by contacting me personally, so I can show you how to get those shitty programs out of your mind and get empowered programming back in there.
Happy 2023 everyone. Stop using your mouth as a garbage compactor and stop using your mind as a Hollywood depository of black magic images, sounds, themes and messages that make you an absolute human mess.


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