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Mar 19, 2023


My friend Brian had some heart issues and to be honest lots of people around the world are having heart issues over the last several years. Brian is Canadian and of course he had access to our Canadian socialized health care system (insert eye roll here), which basically treats you very poorly and knows you've already paid for these services, so our Canadian system gives the least service possible in return to Canadians.

During the COVID psychological operation, Canadians were targeted with what can only be described as eugenic health care policies, while inside the Canadian health care system. The end result was an acceleration of death, disease and tragedy for any Canadian unfortunate enough to be requiring help inside our hospitals. None of this was an accident or misunderstanding, this was always the plan and prewritten script. To make a long story short, my Canadian friend Brian was forced to find a heart surgery option outside of Canada (in Mexico) and his experience with the doctors here in Mexico has been beyond description. The results and his experience have been the best-case scenario. The doctors are better, the service is better, the after care is better and the recovery is faster, easier, and more efficient. It's 5-star review, on all levels. If you're looking for heart surgery (regardless of what country you're currently residing in) and if you're Canadian plus you're tired of the Canadian health care meat grinder, I would suggest you read what's below regarding coming to Mexico and taking care of your heart properly.....

 Why Monarch Heart Solutions?

Monarch Heart Solutions assists people from all over the world to connect with the best heart surgeons in Mexico.

Less Wait Time - Monarch can usually schedule a surgery within 7-10 days of confirmation. Which is significantly less than what you would expect in Canada. This means less damage to the heart, and to the body.


Less Cost - The United States does have private health care options available, but the procedures cost 2-3 times more than it does in the Puerto Vallarta area, saving $20K to $60K USD for a surgery. This is not the only savings. If there are complications and extra hospital days are required, the cost to say in the hospital per day is 10-30x higher in the USA than in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Better Care - The Nurse-to-patient ratio is 1 nurse to 3-4 patients in Bucerias, Mexico. It is 1 nurse to 8 patients in the US, and 1 nurse to 12-15 patients in Canada. You are truly cared for when you need it the most.

More Choice - Many people do not know that in Canada (a public system) you cannot decide whether you have a valve repair or valve replacement as an example. Valve repair is ALWAYS better for the patient, when possible, but requires a specialized surgeon, so they are not often recommended by cardiologists in Canada. There are other surgeries that also fall into this category such as maze procedure and TAVR. In Mexico, with the private healthcare system, YOU get to choose and be part of the discussion about what surgery is best for YOU.

Better Medications – Mexico has both a public health care system and a private one. The public health care system in Canada and Mexico are very similar. Cardiologists in the public health care systems only have access to certain medications based on “politics” and price. For instance, Metaprolol is a very common drug prescribed in Canada but there are different options here in the Mexican private system. Operating in a private system gives the cardiologist more options so they are able to serve the patient better by selecting the least harmful, most effective medication from a wider choice of options.

Latest Technology - Our cardio team is based out of Nueva Vallarta (La Joya Hospital) and has access to the latest technological equipment often only found in Mexico City or Guadalajara. They recently purchased a heart / lung machine (called ECMO) which can keep people alive while they wait for a lung or heart transplant. Our team also has access to whatever hospital has the best equipment and the most reasonable cost when they are planning a surgery.

Stop Medications - Certain procedures can make it so the patient no longer has to take prescription drugs. Cardiac ablation is one of these procedures. If a person is part of the planning process this can be discussed ahead of time and more likely to happen.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Surgeons - The price WILL be less than the United States and the wait WILL be less than Canada, BUT you do not sacrifice skill and experience because of this. These hospitals and surgeons are second to none.


For more information on Monarch Heart Solutions please reach out to Brian directly at [email protected]. Tell him Jason sent you. 



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