3 Ways - How Avoiding Pain Will Destroy You

Jul 19, 2022

Most people avoid their pain like it's Olympic sport. Most people who avoid their pain on a daily basis really don't even know that they're doing it. We copy, mimic, mirror and emulate the most frequent behaviors in our living environment....all outside our conscious awareness. This is how our mind is designed to make us safe....by making us blend in with the crowd. We "blend in" by copying what the bigger herd is doing. If the crowd is doing amazing things, we copy. If the crowd is doing terrible things and living terrible lives, we copy that as well. Today the crowd is sedating to their pain like pain's a goblin, when pain is really a guardian. This is spelling disaster (as it was always designed to) for billions of people across our planet.

The fine art of sedating to one's pain is not only something that will destroy anyone on many levels simultaneously, the conventional medical and government systems are the ones encouraging these self destructive pain sedating behaviors. The repetitive behavior signals and messages coming out of these two inverted sources of information.... completely dominates most people's lives today and has done so for the last 70 years. It's a very clever psychological trick, to convince a human that pain is bad and that pain needs to be avoided. The people organizing this energy ambush have known the entire time that teaching a human this false belief system will indeed destroy that human and destroy that human's potential at lightening speed.

When anyone in our society is in pain, we will always have the great black magic sorcerers in government and media, riding in on their white horses (of the apocalypse) trumpeting their familiar inverted pain messaging......."I heard there's some pain in your life good citizen. Pain is bad. I am here to save you. Here's a policy or a pill to stop the pain and to take it away. My job here is done. No need to thank me. Take care good citizen. I took away your pain to protect you! Have a great day. Let me know if there is any other pain in your life and I will come back to make sure you're always pain free." Let me clearly explain how avoiding your pain is a well known strategy for destroying humanity. This knowledge is thousands of years old.

#1 - Pain is energy. Pain is negative emotional energy and it needs to leave your body. If it doesn't, the pain acts like undigested food, it constipates your energy systems, it starts to rot and it causes disease. (especially cancer). Let's say your parent passes away. This is very hard on the emotional system but our systems can digest the pain over time and process it out of the body.........unless you sedate with pain killers. Pain killers like anti depressants, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, nicotine, THC, prescription pain meds, junk food, narcotics etc...…all stop the body from finding the pain and digesting it out of the system. This means your pain never leaves your body, it builds up, it starts to rot and it causes disease on its own... especially cancer. Read the book "The Root Cause of Cancer" by Paul Leendertse. If you can't find that book, you can write me.

#2 - Pain killers cause disease. Everything that blocks pain (from anti depressants to coffee and from alcohol to THC).....they all cause disease on their own because they all classify as poison. Blocking pain causes disease because it doesn't allow negative emotional energy to be found and digested out of the body. The substances that block pain cause disease as well. When you block pain, you're guaranteed to ignite two separate disease causing pathways. Avoiding pain means you're going to live a very short life where you're never truly connected to your body or reality. But wait, it gets worse.

#3 You need pain to mature. In psychology it's proven that all humans need pain, failure and negative life experiences to successfully morph from a child to an adult. The people ruling us know this. (because it's an ancient law/fact of human psychology) This is why your human farmers do everything they can to take pain and failure out of your life, so you always live as a perpetual infant. It's much easier to rule children in adult bodies, who have never taken their proper right of passage from child to adult. Citizens who live in a perpetual state of arrested development are very easy to control. It was called "bread and circuses" in Roman times. Keep them sedated, keep them distracted, keep them children, keep them slaves. This is why the most addicted in our society (the people who use daily pain killers like coffee, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, junk food, anti depressants etc) are always mentally and spiritually held back. This trend is harder to pick out today because so many lead childlike dependent lives but the most childlike and most dependent are always heavily addicted to avoiding their daily pain...and are therefore operating as the perpetual child long into their adult years. When you bring a child psyche into an adult life, that alone will make your life extremely dysfunctional.....which will simply up regulate your destruction and increase your pain.

The government and medical systems are always there to make sure your pain is sedated or removed. They know what they're doing. From passing kids in school when they fail to everyone getting a participation ribbon after a race and from creating safe spaces in Universities to believing children should stay home instead of facing the threat of a "common cold".........it's all about "operation bubble wrap". The policies here are simple. They want you living a pain free existence, in order that they produce a sick and child like populace who are easier to rule. You can't farm lions, only lambs. Don't fall for their black magic energy sorcery. Face your pain. Feel your way through life. Make rational and logical decisions based on your pain. Don't ever think your life will get better hiding from the pain. If you're drinking daily coffee, smoking cigs daily, drinking alcohol weekly, having a passionate love affair with your cell phone or TV screen, consuming junk food, doing drugs or popping pain killers of any kind etc....you're already neck deep in this cycle. Your best life can only come about when you face your pain.


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