3 Most Common Forms Of Self Sabotage

Jan 07, 2022
1. Fear Of Wealth - this is the most common form of self sabotage. It involves believing that the love of money is the root of all evil and that wealthy people are bad people. Imagine a man saying "the love of women is the root of all evil".......how many dates would that man get? Same with money. If you think something is bad, you set up a natural electrical charge to repel what you think is bad. Movies and TV shows purposely program these false beliefs into your subconscious mind pathway. You can change your beliefs at anytime and therefore your life can change at anytime as well, regarding what you attract and what you repel.
2. Using The Hole In Your Face (called a mouth) As A Garbage Compactor - although people poison themselves via the hole in their face, like it's an Olympic sport, the fear of wealth still holds the gold medal position for most popular form of self sabotage...…but not by much. Self sabotage is often about a fear of being judged for being "better or different than others". This often turns into a pattern of finding safety in being mediocre, average and under achieving...…because you're never judged harshly inside our inverted society when you fail, only when you achieve. Because health is the foundation of all life success, nothing trims human potential faster than poisoning yourself by your own hand with all the popular poisons of the day, riddled purposely throughout the slave camp. Again, these sorts of inverted and non organic behaviors (like poisoning yourself and making your life a complete disaster) are programmed into us via corrupt media/government channels. The people who rule us like us better as "messy non threats" because messy non threats are more obedient and compliant to their corruption. Once we know how this inverted programming works to make us human disasters, it's easy to reprogram for success at anytime.
3. Believing That Being In Pain Means You're Broken or Defective - pain is actually a guardian, not a goblin, but you wouldn't know that today because pain (in our modern time) is constantly advertised as something you need to rid yourself of immediately, if it happens to come for a visit. Feeling our pain is how our body is designed to survive. "Don't step on the nail because that hurts".....is a good example of how pain communicates a message that makes our life better. "My soulless job makes me sad and depressed"......is another example of pain coming for a visit and telling us what moves to make in life. "I feel sick after I use my mouth as a garbage compactor"...….yet another good example of how much wisdom the pain teacher holds. We're supposed to feel our pain and make the necessary course corrections in life. A very simple system that has guided us to better days for millions of years...…but today people want to kick the pain teacher out of the house when he comes knocking. Pain is also advertised in our backwards society as a defect or something that makes you bad or broken. Our society constantly gets into your business and says "are you telling me that you're NOT happy drinking poison, eating poison, working a soulless job and standing on a nail? That means you're broken. There's an obvious defect in you that we need to correct. You're supposed to be happy doing things you hate, don't you know! We need to get rid of that pain before it wakes you up.....I mean hurts you. Take a pill to block or disrupt your pain and get back to the situation that you can never ever enjoy or flourish in. Thank you and have a great day down here on planet mental asylum!" If you think pain is a goblin and not a guardian, you're not alone. Believing pain is a goblin is the lie that keeps our inverted society kicking its corrupt can of lie-ahria down the road. Avoiding pain and believing pain is a defect is a very common form of self sabotage, which can also be reversed with the right coaching and right education.
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