Mistakes And Why We Make Them

Feb 17, 2022
The word "mistake" is a word that means you took action in the wrong direction and we all do that at times. We all make mistakes simply because there are no dress rehearsals in life. In empowered circles we know that the word "mistake" is just another word for "experience" or "opportunities to find out what doesn't work". When we know what doesn't work, it's easier to narrow down what does work. In the end, all humans make mistakes and even though mistakes are inevitable, there are key factors that will increase not only the frequency of the mistakes we make in our own lives but these factors also increase the severity of the mistakes we make. If you want a better life in 2022, you need to make less mistakes and also make less severe mistakes. Simple stuff.
The nervous systems in our bodies accomplish many tasks, including alerting us and steering us away from danger or mistakes. Walking toward a cliff and walking right off that cliff because we can't process the danger of falling down 1000 feet onto sharp rocks below...…would be a pretty big mistake. Walking off a cliff to our imminent death would be something you could easily categorize as a "pretty severe mistake" as well. Putting our hands into an open fire, running with scissors and tripping while the scissors are pointing back toward us, picking the wrong type of romantic companion over and over again, eating foods that always make us sick, working jobs that make us depressed, trusting medical doctors year in and year out when we only get more ill under their guidance, believing that mainstream media reports the truth, believing that the government is an altruistic force looking out for our best interest etc etc...…these are all really big mistakes and although we're all prone to make these types of mistakes at least once in our lives, the question becomes "why do many people keep making these same mistakes over and over again, regardless of consequences, for their entire lifetimes?"
The answer to this question is two fold. There are two primary factors that can make anyone have passionate love affairs with extremely dangerous mistakes and trigger us to keep making those extremely dangerous mistakes over and over again for our shortened lives. Yes, when you make major mistakes in your own life, your life will always be cut short prematurely and unnecessarily. Our natural nervous systems are designed to help us avoid dangerous mistakes but our nervous systems can indeed be tricked and can be "taken off line", in order that we keep running east looking for a sunset. Our natural nervous systems can also be tricked to believe down is up, black is white, left is right and that pain is pleasure. The two ways your natural nervous system can be hijacked, in order that you make extremely dangerous mistakes are a) chemicals that dull the nervous system's ability to assess information correctly and b) state and media propaganda designed to flood the brain with false information so the nervous system can never accurately assess where the real danger lies. These two modalities of nervous system inhibition and hijacking the natural function of the nervous system (for processing information) work hand in hand because when you flood yourself with sedative chemicals (that take your nervous system offline) you also can't identify said state/media propaganda that's designed to drive your life right into the ditch
The sedative chemicals that are purposely riddled throughout our culture, in order that these chemicals take your nervous system offline, are not only extremely effective at shutting down your nervous system...….they're all advertised as either beneficial for you or benign at minimum via state/media propaganda. Coffee/caffeine is the official weapon of choice of our human farmers, regarding taking the protective nervous system offline, so we can't properly identify what's dangerous and what isn't. You'll feel alert when you drink coffee but your protective nervous system is completely offline. Caffeine is a known sedative or tranquilizer to the nervous system, slowing down or inhibiting our protective nervous system from picking up subtle or obvious "danger cues" in our environment. Alcohol is another tranquilizing sedative that dulls the nervous system, leaving us vulnerable to greater and more severe mistakes in our lives. THC is another, sugar is another and nicotine yet another. Most medical prescriptions also fall in this category as do any science chemical, simply because the body's nervous system is designed to recoil away from feeling the pain of touching toxic chemicals. Basically when a toxic chemical enters the body (any compound not made by nature) the nervous system recoils out of fear, only designed to turn back on when the fear/threat has passed. Most people are so perpetually polluted on purpose (by the forces who covertly rule over us) that their nervous systems are completely offline for their entire lives. That's why the average person is mistake prone. That's attack # 1, which is purposely organized against you and your family so your propensity to make more and more severe mistakes in your life rockets into the stratosphere.
The functionality of state and media propaganda, which can hijack your natural protective nervous system, so you keep making more and more dangerous mistakes in your own life.......is very easy to describe. Your natural nervous system is designed to take in all the stimuli and information of your environment and look for the most repetitive content. That repetitive content is sorted and analyzed by your natural nervous system under the general assumption that the more repetitive an idea or message coming from your environment, the more true it has to be...….or you wouldn't see it that frequently. The natural nervous system believes that it's simply safer to live out the repetitive messages or ideas in your living environment as opposed to living out or believing ideas and messages that aren't repetitive. Simple stuff and a great way to stay alive on the planet. Simply do what the majority is doing. The majority is represented by the repetitive content in the environment. Monkey see, monkey do, monkey lives by doing what all the other monkeys are doing. How could the majority ever be wrong or what they're doing ever be "unsafe"? In the natural world, this is a perfect defense and protection system for survival. Simply go along to get along and the repetitive content of the environment is processed to determine what script you'll act out. The nervous system sorts your environment information like this naturally everyday and forces you to act out the repetitive content of your environment. This happens outside your conscious awareness just like your heart beating, your eyes blinking or you sweating on a hot day. It's all automatic. You don't control any of it. You act out and mimic the repetitive content of your environment. All done without your input. Here's the rub. The people who rule you know how to hijack this system so your life is just one big never ending mistake.
The people ruling you know all about this part of the mind and they know it's always counting and assessing the most repetitive content of your environment so you can mimic, copy, mirror and emulate it. That's what your corrupt media is for. To artificially modify the information field of your environment so you constantly get repetitive messaging that programs your nervous system to believe down is up, black is white, left is right and that pain is pleasure. When someone believes that doctors can heal with poison, that their vote counts, that government schools make kids better equipped to contribute to society, that alcohol is good in moderation or that the Canadian government legalized THC to help the public become a more advanced and productive force...…they're believing these mistake laden ideas because of propaganda only. These beliefs have no validity in real time, only in modified repetitive content known as propaganda, brainwashing and mind control. There are thousands of examples I can provide, where people's nervous systems are hijacked by propaganda, in order that they keep making frequent and extremely dangerous mistakes in their lives. To make matters worse, our human farmers use repetitive "nervous system hijacking technology" to advertise all the sedative chemicals as being either good for you or benign...…which makes people run after these sedative chemicals even harder, which in turn up regulates the nervous system's propensity to make major life mistakes. At this point, it's like putting fire out with gasoline.
I almost forgot a third ingredient for making frequent and dangerous mistakes in your own life, via taking the protective natural nervous system offline...…and that's fear. When the human mind and nervous system are in fear, they respond in the exact same way as being exposed to dangerous chemicals...…they recoil and stop downloading valuable information. When this happens, real time analysis of what's happening is removed and "premade safety recordings" are played (regarding our behavior) until the threat has passed. The safety recordings that do play and override our organic behavior, in times of fear, are pretty simple. The safety recordings are a) "do as you're told" and b) "follow the herd". When you're in fear, you're very prone to "do as you're told" and to "do what everyone else is doing, without thinking, resisting or logical follow through". Again a wonderful and perfect natural protection system for living in the wild 3000 years ago but what about if the people ruling you today purposely put in you fear 24 hours per day, in order to turn those premade safety recordings on, so you do exactly what they tell you to do. Not only are the people ruling you today purposely making you eat from a never ending fear buffet, imagine that when you're living inside that fear reaction they're telling you to consume sedative compounds en masse and watch more media/state propaganda in order that you believe down is up, black is white, left is right and pain is pleasure? Get it yet? This is your world. If your life is full of mistakes, it means you're working as designed and it also means the people who rule you are playing your nervous system like a fiddle. Your social engineers are making sure you make lots of mistakes, very big mistakes...…because your mistake laden lives have massive benefits for them but ZERO benefit for you.
In the end, if your life could do with "less mistakes" and if you're looking for something better in 2022...…go to jchristoff.com and look over the programs I have offered there, so you can hijack your own nervous system to better days. Have a great 2022.


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