12 Amazing Things School Teaches You

Dec 07, 2022


1. School teaches you to do things you don't like doing, so you can continue that ingrained habit in the work force as an adult.

2. School teaches you do do things you don't like doing, from early morning to mid or late afternoon, so you can get conditioned to do things you don't like doing later in life (during the same times of day) and believe it's all completely normal....because it's all you've ever known.

3. School teaches you that your parents aren't going to be directly involved in raising you and that the job of raising you is best done by third parties, who have no proven track record in raising you successfully.

4. School teaches you that sitting down away from the real world is the best way to learn about the real world.

5. School teaches you that someone else is going to be in charge of what you do with your day, so you can walk into your adult life seeking someone else to boss you around because you've never been taught to self direct or run your own life like a successful business venture. A good voter and a good job applicant are literally people conditioned to beg other people to boss them around all day.

6. School teaches you to always ask for permission before you do simple tasks like going to the bathroom, so you get conditioned that living your life needs permission and permits from the authority figures lording over you as a child or later in life as an adult.

7. School teaches you that fake rebellion is the best you can muster when you're frustrated at the lack of freedom the school system provides. This means you either sedate to your pain with various addictions that ruin your health and human potential or you skip school and get in trouble with fake authority figures, when really you should stay clean and start running your own life as a successful business venture.

8. School teaches you that compliance and repeating are your only virtues worthy of praise, reward and celebration.....which in turn conditions you to obey and comply as an adult inside the poison and mind control based slave grid as an adult.

9. School teaches you to be OK with inhibiting your own personal interests, drives, passions and ambitions because they're not on the state sanctioned menu of approved job options designed to destroy your innate human potential with soulless occupations that will never offer you any deep personal satisfaction.

10. School teaches you that filling out a resume is completely normal, as opposed to filling out a business plan, because the school system was actually invented by ruling groups who require workers conditioned enough to obey basic directives but not smart enough to support themselves independently outside the slave camp.

11. School teaches you that your best mentors are people who have never left the system of control, dependence and order following. This will normalize your path into the poison and indoctrination based control grid, where you'll believe everything is as it should be because you were never exposed to anything else outside the system.

12. School teaches you that you're only a good person if you acquire one of the state sanctioned job options and do as you're told. The truth is that you're only a good person if you're moral, ethical, just, fair, caring and if you do the right thing absent of consequence. This is why morality, ethics and knowing right from wrong are absent from all school curriculum because all the state sanctioned job options contain within them enough immoral and unethical performance requirements to choke a rhino.



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