11 Realizations That Will Help You Progress in 2023

Jan 22, 2023

1. Your high-end politicians are well paid actors and your low-end politicians are generally funnelled into the system because of their low moral standards and ethical weakness....in order to operate as soulless props who represent the public. No one in the political system (save a choice few) represent the will or desires of the people.

2. ALL movies and TV shows are purposely scripted using documented mind control tactics (no exceptions).....which have been proven concretely for decades to control your thoughts, behaviors and actions. The vast majority of your beliefs, ideas and behaviors are downloaded directly into your subconscious operating system through your screens, all done outside your conscious awareness, while this entire brainwashing system is sold to the public as free will, evolution, freedom and the progress of an intellectually advanced society. Nothing could be further from the truth.

3. This entire system at its very core is designed to make you weak, across all levels, no exceptions. Everything the system offers, promotes and advertises as good, healthy and safe exists to make you weak physically, intellectually, financially and spiritually. This is only done because weak people are compliant, docile and reflexively obedient to command. The weaker you are, the more you comply. Strength is the enemy of the system. Weakness is the sole goal of the system.

4. Poison can't make you healthier. Poison doesn't work like that. That's why it's called poison. The idea that poison is healthy is easily inserted into your subconscious by media brainwashing. The disastrous results of such a belief system is explained away by the same mind control technology that inserted this false belief in the first place.

5. The key to ruling this many people is to use psychological manipulation, so the public does to themselves, what the ruling group could never do by force. The weaker the population, the easier it is to trick the public into enslaving themselves. Not only does said psychological manipulation make the public too weak to resist their own enslavement, the exact same screen-based mind control technology tricks the public into poisoning themselves into that state of weakness to begin with.

6. What you see on the screen about the different flags, different countries and different leaders is as real as WWF Wrestling. Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't real. although it's scripted to look real when the cameras are rolling. China VS The USA is the same, as are all televised state conflicts. The state wrestlers come and go, just as the WWF wrestlers came and went. In both cases, everyone gets on the same bus and counts their winnings based on the well scripted show they're putting on for the public. The state actors get their cut and the managers get a bigger cut, the group who owns all the fake countries. It's a show and you've always been the audience, seeing what you believe instead of believing what you see.

7. Conventional warfare is no longer being used because it destroys the assets of the enemy. The key to this takeover is a weakening of the population to the point where the invading group can just take what the public owns because the people are too weak, damaged, demoralized and disempowered to fight back.

8. The primary attack on the public (in this new warfare model) is poison outlets, which appear as capitalist endeavors. Pharmacies. donut shops, bottle shops, junk food centers, narcotics shops, fast food outlets and mega corporations that sell toxins of every kind to the public appear as "businesses" but they're simply weapons of war to poison the bodies and minds of the public, so the people can no longer defend themselves intellectually or physically from the "end game theft" of everything the public claim title to.

9. In conjunction with making the public weak on all fronts (intellectually, financially, spiritually and physically) is the fine covert art of mental confusion, which upgrades all forms of compliance based mind control. Everything from contradictory rules and news reports that make no sense, to people in authority being afraid to even define what a human female is and a tsunami of everything else that makes zero logical or rational sense......this is all done on purpose because a confused mind has been proven for hundreds of years to be the most effective platform from which an abuser can gain compliance in their victims. A confused mind complies instantly without resistance or authority. 2 billion people pushing poison under their skin is proof positive of this point and every other point in this list.

10. The operation that has attempted to change your DNA or for you to use pronouns on official paperwork is based on our legal system only affording legal rights to human men and human women. If your DNA is changed or you insist that you're a pronoun on official documentation, you lose all rights and freedoms under our current legal system. This means THEY can walk up, take everything you own and then you're afforded no legal recourse because you complied with two agendas that made you something other than human man or human woman. If you're not a human man or human woman you basically have no rights within our current legal system.

11. You can indeed help your situation and help the entire world situation but you'll need to work on these realizations, which are designed to keep you weak on all levels and to trick you into destroying yourself, your own kids, your assets and all your communities. You are dealing with an evil you can't comprehend, an evil that steals lifeforce because it's too lazy to produce its own energy....a real spiritual parasitic infection of the soul is what these social engineers have. To allow them to infect you is to make you as evil as they are, which means you'll move with the evil instead of moving against it. Let God work through you, not evil.




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