10 Things You Will Learn From Me In My School

!. You'll learn how to become a Certified Self Sabotage Coach because that's what the school is for....but you'll learn much more.

2. You'll learn what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, in regards to diet, stretching, exercise and healthy habits.

3. You'll learn to how raise healthy children and help them lead happier and more satisfying lives.

4. You'll learn how to rearrange your home environment to maximize your health and the health of your family.

5. You'll learn what drives human behavior and why people do what they do. After learning this, you can start mastering your own behavior in order to keep being better daily, in your own life.

6. You'll learn what it takes to have a business mind set and what it takes to overcome the fear of making big positive changes in your life. Money doesn't make you happy but neither does poverty. It's best to be your best. Don't let people afraid of change tell you any different.

7. You'll learn from past students and past coaches who dedicate to the discipline of vectoring up in their own life every single day. You'll be added to our private coaching group where people put their heads together, in an effort to rise up to their full potential.

8. You'll learn public speaking skills and what it takes to conduct group coaching/one-on-one sessions LIVE or online.

9. You'll learn about websites, email marketing, payment processors, how to produce products to sell, graphic design and other skills needed for you to get your business off the ground with minimum effort.

10. You'll learn how to focus on building your 4 pillars of strength every single day in your own life and inside the lives of your family members. Physical strength, intellectual strength, spiritual strength and financial strength. This is the base foundation upon which all success, happiness and satisfaction in life are built.

11. BONUS - we have a sunny and beautiful day and night out together every year in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Hope you can make it.

My school opens up Monday Nov 14th for enrollment. It has sold out 5 semesters in a row. Contact me at [email protected] for a full info package. Click here to sign up as of Nov 14th at 9 AM EST


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