10 Things You Can Do Today To Weaken The System

Feb 03, 2023
1. Stop supporting cabal co companies where you voluntarily poison yourself. Cabal co companies are large chains that always have been poisoning you and will increase their poisoning of you and your family as time goes on. Popular cabal co companies are Starbucks, Walmart, McDonalds, Costco etc. etc.
2. Stop poisoning yourself in general. A strong human is proven to never comply with evil. Poisoning yourself weakens you, your  family, your community and provides negative roll modelling for your children. The most common voluntary poisons today are coffee, alcohol, junk food and fast food.
3. Stop watching TV. Your TV is a documented military device proven to modify your behavior outside your conscious awareness. If you don't understand this fact, please watch the documentary 'Psuedology - The Art of Lying' or the documentary 'State of Mind'.
4. Pay cash for as many things as possible in order to break the tracking of digital purchases and the data mining, which increases the screen control THEY have over you and your behavior.
5. Find organic farmers and put your cash to good use. You will get a massive health and strength benefit from consuming live, whole, natural organic food. The stronger you are, the more NO's you will generate when evil pushes on you and your family. Weak people bow to evil and the entire system is about weakening the public. Destroying the system is as easy as becoming stronger on all levels.
6. Stretch tight muscles that are too short, shorten muscles that are too long (by directly exercising them) and keep your body active. Keep at a good weight, strength train and participate in fun group exercise or sport activities.
7. Your cell phone is emitting 100 pulses per minute of DNA damaging wireless radiation. It also tracks you, listens to you and disconnects you from the outside world. THEIR intention with the cell phone is to make your life so miserable on the outside (in real life) that you eventually want to crawl into your phone to escape the harsh world that our controllers built for us in real time. They call this fake world inside the phone THE META VERSE. Practice leaving your cell phone at home. Start small, but start.
8. Start looking at government employment as occupations that only offer overall net harm to the entire society. Government employment starts with theft/extortion of monetary resources from others in order to facilitate positions that are either unnecessary, tyrannical or completely destructive to the community at large. Stop looking at government employment as a "dream position" and start understanding its nightmarish implications for the entire tribe. Government employment sets up an invisible structure of slave like reflexive obedience, which the government often uses to destroy government employees first and foremost. Remember in 2021 when government forced an experimental application on their employees first? Government employment isn't a utopia. It's an ambush for self, other, the community and everyone in the tribe. Start a business that serves others. Start small and grow that business over time.
9. Unschool your children simply because the schools exist to program the children to lust after soulless and empty government employment, to say YES to authority when they need to say NO, to fall in line with group pressure, to live inside a world where truth doesn't matter (the gender teachings is one example), to have a limited spectrum of life options and to believe that poisonous ingestions or injections don't affect their health in a negative way. That's just a short list. What's wrong with our society today and why it's crumbling is based on the mental conditioning and behavior modification tactics applied to children in government schools. For more information on the child destructive intentions of the government school system, please read John Taylor Gatto's book "Weapons of Mass Instruction". It's free on the internet.
10. If it makes your life better, do it. If it makes your life worse, reject it. If it poisons you in any way, reject it. If it makes you healthier in any way, accept it. If it doesn't contribute to your goals, reject it. If it brings you closer to your goals, accept it. If it makes you more independent, bring it in. If it makes you more dependent, push it away.


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