10 Points To Protect Your Children and Yourself

Jan 27, 2023


1. Effect is observed more in males than females.

2. Payload has a delayed effect of triggering nearly 1 year plus after it was placed into the body.

3. Payload is often triggered by energy sources of a) heat via athletic exercise b) areas of higher wifi intensity like public areas and c) heat from common colds, flus, general inflammation.

4. Caffeine can also increase body heat (thermogenesis) to provide the heat energy source to trigger the payload...so stay away from the energy drinks, the caffeinated pops, coffee, caffeinated teas, pre-workout mixes with caffeine etc etc.

5. If you're looking for several processes to remove the payload, please email me personally.

6. While doing what it takes to remove the payload please avoid what triggers the payload and eat perfectly healthy in order to not cause any inflammation or minor colds/flus etc. Stay away from your wireless devices and areas of high wifi like public events etc. Hard wire your desktop or laptop and keep communications wired.

7. They've done this before, they re-wrote the history books and then gave you straight A's for repeating the lies of known liars in the schools they set up. That's why you may not know what's really going on.

8. Some people have found that hidden history so you should try to follow them privately, off social media for more information. Nothing works the way you think it does and the people on the TV aren't who they say they are. Your medicine isn't for what you think it's for.

9. We win this because God's on our side but we can win it faster if you start investigating and researching yourself as well.

10. Confusion, disease, weakness and the act of them basically coming above ground and putting it all right in your face is actually proven to make you more compliant, not less.......so you'll need to muster all your courage and bravery to buck the programmed compliance reaction.



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