8 Christoff Rules for 2024

Jan 01, 2024

2024 will belong to the healthy, independent and empowered adults of this world. The go along to get along types will continue to perish alongside the perpetual people pleasers. At this point in the circle of life, it's obvious that the last 4 years have been a test of sorts. A test of who was finally ready to take their painful rite of passage from child to adult and take their proper place within the tribal circle as an empowered and fully functional leader.

It's even hard to tell if it's God directing this transition at this time or if it's the devil himself. The devil loves to kill, plunder and murder but God also likes to recycle his creations....if they refuse to walk in the light and do the good work. A society of adults who act, talk and think like children can't survive because natural law won't allow it. Natural law of course isn't talked about too much today but it's a collection of laws that govern all life, in all places and at all times. Natural law is what we're all designed to recognize and live within. If we choose to understand natural law, and the natural punishments that come our way instantly when we break natural law, we can manifest our best lives in a very short amount of time.

Natural law includes all the rules a human would ever need to embrace.... in order for them to live an abundant, successful and satisfying life. For example, one natural law is.......poison isn't medicine, poison can't heal, poison doesn't work like that. As in all legal systems, you can indeed challenge and break this law of course but there are punishments inherent inside this system....which are there to remind you that a better life is available if you commit to working within this legal framework. You are indeed permitted to challenge any natural law, to potentially believe that poison may be medicine for example, but natural law will judge your behavior accordingly and make you sick, depressed and die prematurely........simply because a belief that poison can be medicine is a lie.

The entire natural law legal framework operates on one very simple premise, regardless of any other factor. That one simple premise is..........truth brings you pleasure and lies bring you pain. These laws exist to support life. The punishments are there to also support life. Breaking these laws brings death and pain to you, your family and your community. Breaking these laws brings death and pain to all life forms.

If you're looking for more pleasure in 2024 and less pain, I would suggest looking over my review of 8 natural laws below. You can also potentially review the citations, which will provide you a greater depth of knowledge regarding these issues. Clicking the blue highlighted words will bring you to those citations.

These laws aren't my own, they are natural laws or God's law, rules embedded into the electric force that governs all things, at all times and in all places. Below are short discussions of 8 natural laws. Again, if you walk parallel to natural law....it will always bring immense pleasure, happiness and satisfaction into your life and into the lives of your loved ones. If you work against natural law, all you'll get is pain. Unfortunately, the people farming us today want you in immense pain because you're easier to rule, govern, steal from, manipulate and control when you're in the perpetual pain zone. 10,000 mental defectives can only rule 8 billion people if those 8 billion are diseased, depressed, dysfunctional, disempowered and disoriented. In 2024, if you're looking to step out of the pain zone, start thinking deeply about natural law and how you're governed by manmade inversions of natural law, which are designed to keep you running east looking for a sunset. 

1. The sun is there to give you knowledge, life and happiness. That's natural law. Don't let the raw sunlight burn you of course but to be afraid of the sun and to use toxic sunblock inversions, which are proven to cause cancer....is akin to inviting pain into your life on a perpetual basis. Read the book "The Healing Sun" by Richard Hobday. Stop destroying yourself and your own children by your hand because of manmade inversions of natural law. It's that simple.

2. You can't inject health into yourself with poisons. Poisons can't heal or improve health. Poisons doesn't work like that. Health will never be found at the end of a needle, ever. To believe this and to work against this natural law can unfortunately end with you getting removed from the circle of life......as millions did to themselves with the fake COVID vaccine. The punishment for this legal infraction is often rapid disease onset and a premature death. Click here to discover more about the overall vaccine lie. No vaccine is healthy. None of them, zero, nada, no exceptions. Click here to discover the depth of the COVID con. Natural law doesn't care what you believe. Natural law governs you and your life regardless of your beliefs. If you believe poisons can heal, you will get pain, and nothing will ever change that. 

3. Alcohol isn't healthy in moderation. Mastering natural law doesn't require any law degree or fancy legal certification. Natural law is obvious and presents its judgements in plain sight, every single day. People who consume alcohol and work against this natural law are sick, they look older than they really are, they're often overweight and they die early. I'm 53 and I stopped drinking long ago. If someone said I could be healthier drinking a glass of wine every night, I know they're trying to sell me a less happy, less satisfying and less abundant life. I used to drink that one glass of alcohol daily. I felt like shit. I looked like shit. My brain was shit and my life was shit. Natural law is simple. Everywhere you go, there it is, helping guide you to your best life.......but only if you're strong enough to resist the artificial manmade inversions, AKA man's law. Lies bring pain. The more pain you're experiencing in your life, the more manmade lies you're living.

4. Your TV programs and movies aren't there to entertain you. They are there to ENTRAIN you and to lead you off the path. Your TV is a documented military weapon, invented to modify your behavior. What's on the TV and movie screens today is there for one reason and one reason only. Screen productions exist to keep you in pain and make you easier to govern, by selling you inversions of natural law. Entertainment at these levels can't sustain life, period....end of story. There's so much work we need to do (to save our society) and yet most people just want to stare into a light box that hangs on the wall and pleasure themselves to death. It's all anti-human, anti-life, and anti-natural law. Click here (or just click play below) for my best explanation ever recorded on how your screen exists to lead you off the path of happiness, abundance and satisfaction.  

5. Your body isn't working against you and trying to kill you. Disease isn't a malfunction. Disease has a purpose. Either a disease is trying to alert you that you need to get back on the path or it's trying to re-balance a certain metabolic system as you insist on breaking natural law. Disease is a guardian, not a goblin. To destroy disease symptoms or to shut them off with poisoning, cutting or burning.....is akin to shutting down the guidance and education that natural law is designed to provide. To destroy or shut off disease symptoms equates to you going to war with the only GPS system the creator designed, which will guide us back onto the path. It doesn't matter if it's statin drugs for high cholesterol (a manmade lie) or chemotherapy for cancer (another manmade lie), your body is not malfunctioning or making a mistake. You can't change natural law. If you break natural law, you get sick. If you poison yourself as a retaliatory strike against natural law, you'll only get more sick.....and that means this entire process is all wretch and no vomit, it never gets there. Are you smart enough to get back on the path in 2024 and stop listening to a failure based medical system, which is a dark inversion of natural law? In 2024, will you work toward happiness and do what's right instead of what's easy? The choice is always yours. Open the prison door and walk out into the light. You'll find the prison door was never locked. You are free to leave at any time.

6. They don't spray poison on your food to help control and kill the bugs. They spray poison on your food because they believe you are the bugs that need to be controlled and killed. A poison for a bug, sprayed on your food, will poison you. All non-organic food that's sprayed with poison, is designed to poison you and your family into the pain zone, for ease of rule purposes. The system we live within currently is anti-human and if you walk with this system, without resistance, you'll get sick and die prematurely. Poison is poison and no poison is healthy, regardless of quantity. Lying to yourself that poisons won't negatively affect your health or that this dark system we all live under isn't anti-human.......is against natural law. If you eat non-organic food, you're not only most likely poisoning yourself, but you're also refusing to address the evil forces trying to destroy you and all life here on the planet. Natural law punishes cowards to the highest degree. This is why our society is receiving so much pain right now because natural law despises cowards. We live in a herd of adults, who act, talk and think like weakened children. If you see evil and simply go along with it, because you're lazy and cowardly (instead of fighting that evil and destroying it)......natural law will jail you in pain for the rest of your shortened life span. What do you want in 2024? More pain or more happiness? If you want more happiness, you'll need to ponder these concepts deeply and make some changes.

7. Government isn't there to make your life better. Government maintains its power by destroying yours. The people who report the most depression to their medical doctors either work directly for the government or receive minor social support payments from the government. This means these folks are getting punished by the natural law system and ignoring the consequences of breaking natural law. Being connected to government in anyway is akin to sticking your finger in an electrical socket........the connection will always bring you accelerated pain, misery and dysfunction. Government is an ancient worldwide crime syndicate that steals the work value, energy and money of the general public......in order to create artificial systems that reward pain and punish happiness. Government is the opposite of natural law and therefore will always destroy the quality of your life on some level. For example, government school teachers are now getting paid with stolen money to sexually confuse your children. Oral and anal sex isn't sex, it's masturbation. To sustain life on this planet we need children to understand the value of reproductive love making, family, how to raise healthy children and tribal cohesion. That's natural law. Everything the government touches, funds and fortifies is pure inversion that works against natural law, which will have no chance of increasing the happiness, satisfaction or abundance in any human's life. If you allow government to exist in anyway, you not only doom yourself to a painful existence, you'll mark the entire tribe for the same. Government is the most dangerous entity on our entire planet because it's an electrical conduit for evil.

8. Your medical doctor isn't a health expert. Again, with natural law, you can judge these truths logically and rationally at any time, without any sort of fancy degree or University education. Medical doctors are experts at one thing........following the orders of their superiors. Those superiors operate within an artificial reward and punishment legal system of their own making......AKA Man's Law. The more a doctor cuts up and poisons their patients, the more they're rewarded on all levels. The more a doctor cures, saves or heals their patients.......the more they're punished inside this artificial anti-human system. Some doctors have come forward to warn the public of this design, most simply keep assassinating their patients for money. Our current medical system is the opposite of natural law. Any artificial system like this, which works against natural legal principles, is very expensive to maintain because it works against the very design of the entire universal electrical code that governs all things, at all times and in all places. For example, if you try to grow a plant in the dark, without water, it will die.......because you're working against natural law. You could hire a team of scientists to try and make that plant grow in the dark with no water but the attempt would get very very expensive.  Why waste the energy and money working against natural law when you can just put the plant outside and let it grow for free?? The more you break natural law, the more expensive these artificial inversion systems get, which constantly work against these natural legal principles. Your doctor isn't offered massive financial rewards to make you healthy, they get paid to keep you sick and that's why the budget for such an anti-human and anti-life systems will bankrupt the entire world......as they're designed to do. Manmade systems, which work against natural law, will destroy any society financially in the blink of an eye. Natural law represents life and the light. Man's law, in most cases, represents death and the darkness. Pain or happiness in 2024? What's your move? 

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