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Jason Christoff has developed a world wide reputation as a self sabotage coach who makes complex issues easy to understand for his clients. Jason discovered very early in his career, after managing one of Canada’s most successful weight loss clinics, that health and self sabotage were inherently connected. Jason is interviewed across the world every month, appearing on various podcasts and radio shows, regarding his highly effective methods for overcoming self sabotage, losing weight and how to rise up to your full potential.

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In this coaching class, Jason reviews the INTERNAL mechanisms that drive most humans to self sabotage. Herd based behavior, compliance to the norm and playing the safe cards in life are all explained in great detail within this live audio/video presentation.

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All-Inclusive Self-Sabotage coaching Classes

In this all access pass you get 3 separate overcoming self sabotage presentations, a health based overcoming self sabotage presentation and also a presentation that addresses self sabotage and cancer directly.

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Watch and learn from both Jason Christoff and Paul Leedertse, author of "The Root Cause of Cancer." Jason presents the first half of this one of a kind presentation regarding the self sabotaging behaviors that literally manufacture disease in the body.

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"I applied the tools in his program and it made it so easy to stop sabotaging myself with those substances & create a new reality. My brain is working better than I ever expected."

Jennifer Hudson Halderman


"Jason’s course was exactly what I needed to defragment and rewrite my destructive and repetitive programming. I am rewriting my life and helping others to do the same."

Nancy Comstock

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Jason Christoff runs an international self sabotage coaching school where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological manipulation. Jason's students then use their knowledge in these areas to help reprogram their clients into better versions of themselves on all levels. Jason believes that the social decay we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using this manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years Jason believes that each citizen must understand these processes, as to protect themselves from future psychological operations. 

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